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And the WINNING Picture IS……

Thanks to everyone who put their votes in due to my massive indecisiveness.

Friends on Facebook,  WordPress, and in person all joined forces and here are the results:

Third Place – Blue 2

Second Place – Green

First Place – (gasp)……

Purple B

Check it OUT!!

14 thoughts on “And the WINNING Picture IS……”

    1. Casey,
      I know…sniff, sniff
      I liked the blue too.
      I will post it as my website pic next week, okay?
      Green for this week 🙂


    1. Oh Melanie,
      Thanks for popping by on your VERY busy Seekerville DAY!
      Don’t you think the card looks terribly romantic? sigh….


    1. TINA!!!
      Thank you for visiting. And thanks for the compliments. Clever? Oh dear, after the van ride I just had with five kids, I’m starting to doubt any cleverness. It’s another reminder of how much I NEED God’s help to be a parent


    1. Thanks, Sherrinda.
      Aren’t they ‘fancy’ looking?
      I’m kind of tickled with them. It took me a full week of designing to get what I wanted (and is still reasonably priced)


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