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by | Apr 28, 2010 | Fiction Book Reviews | 25 comments

Okay people,

I really need some help here. I’m getting new business cards made and need to pick a picture for them. Here are some of the choices. What is your top one?

Purple A                            Purple B

Green                         Blue A


  1. Melanie Dickerson

    You are just so cute, Pepper! Cute in a “I want to get to know you better by sitting and talking and laughing” way.

    I love the purples and the green. It’s a hard call, but you can’t go wrong with any of those! If forced to choose, I might pick the green.

    • Pepper

      Oh Melanie.
      Aren’t you a SWEETIE!!
      “Cute? Me? Oh, I’m so glad somebody thinks I’m cute 🙂

  2. Keli Gwyn

    Great pictures. My pick is purple A. I love your smile.

    • Pepper

      Purple? Which one. Big smile or little 😉
      Thanks for the input, Keli

  3. Edwina Cowgill

    Well, I’m the “odd woman” out – I really like the pictures of you in blue! 🙂

    • Pepper

      I like that blue color too – but it’s so hard to pick! If I think hard about it, it makes it more difficult. Especially if I think ‘this is the picture that will be in print for 250 business cards.” AHHHHH!!! 🙂

  4. Casey

    Wow, Pepper, GREAT pictures. 🙂 I am totatly against the previous comments, so ONLY LISTEN TO ME!! 😀

    I would so go for the second one of you in Blue. It is your most flattering and gives a nice close up of your face.

    Now remember, you listen to me and me ALONE!


  5. Casey

    Then again, purple b isn’t bad either. LOL!! 😉

  6. Casey

    Nope stick with blue 2. LOL! You’re going to be sick of me soon!!

    • pepper

      Blue 2 is coming in second right now, if I combine FB, word of mouth, and my blog. Purple B is one.

  7. Linda

    Definitely blue. Brings out the color of your hair and puts more emphasis on your face.

    • pepper

      Oh thanks, Linda.
      I like the blue too.
      So far the top 3 picks are Purple B, Green, and Blue 2

  8. flyingmulestudio

    I like purple b…it looks romantic 🙂 Beautiful!

    • pepper

      Oooh, romantic. That’s what I’m going for. Yep. I write inspirational ROMANCE. Good thinkin’, Sharon.

  9. Renee

    I gotta say this you have great hair! 😉 I like all the pics but the green and the pic directly under that with you in the blue are my favorites.

  10. pepper

    Thanks so much, Renee. That said, I just got my hair cut. Not all off, but it’s a lot ligher on my head 😉

    Btw, my 3 year old picks the blue one. My 4 year old picks the green.

  11. pepper

    My 12 year old son’s favorite is Purple B.
    Oh dear, we’re a confused bunch. LOL

  12. pepper

    My 10 year old agrees with his big brother.

  13. Mary Connealy

    Well, there’s not a BAD picture in the bunch.

    When I’m picking a picture of myself I always pick…the LAST one. I’ve noticed that about myself. Because I go down the row of options, rejecting each of them, until I get to the end and, since I’ve rejected all the others, I pick it.
    I’m torn between purple A and B. It doesn’t seem like you’re smiling much in the others and I like the smile. B is more glamorous, I think. A is a bigger smile.
    Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. The real problem is they’re all nice. I mean if they were awful it would be easy to reject them.

    Hmmmmmmmm Purple B…no A…no B. Okay, yeah, B.

    • pepper

      See, you’re doing EXACTLY what I did when I saw the pictures the first time (AFTER I deleted the majority of them because they showed off my 12 extra chins that wrinkled to one side because of my Elvis grin)
      I couldn’t make up my mind so I decided to let other people make up my mind for me.
      I am woman, hear me roar. LOL

  14. Sherrinda

    Oh goodness, what a conundrum. You are so photogenic…you stinker, giving us a difficult job of choosing!

    I would say…since I have to pick…. Purple B or Blue # 2 (the close up!) But really…can’t you just tape them on a lazy susan and just spin them around and then when it stops, just pick the one right in front of you! How’s that? Kinda like casting lots. 🙂

    You are a beauty!

    • pepper

      HA! Sherrinda. I wonder how much business cards like THAT would cost?!?
      I know, I could go up to an editor and give him one of those flip out photo holders with the business card at the top and he/she could choose the picture they liked best. LOL

  15. Kathleen

    Definitely purple B romantic, whimsical, cute, thoughtful and a touch of mischief. Yea I know you are never the later. 🙂

    • pepperbasham

      No, not me.
      I’m always very, very good.

      Did anyone else hear thunder?

  16. Krista Phillips

    I think blue b. I like the purple pictures best if I HAD to choose one, but blue #2 for business cards because, personally, i think a closer up and a less busy background is better for a business card.

    Oh, and since this agrees with Casey’s opinion… I think it should be a done deal, ha! 🙂


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