I Need A Hero – Humility with Ruthy Logan Herne

by | Apr 16, 2010 | Fiction Book Reviews | 9 comments

 I don’t think I can get much more tickled for Ruth Logan Herne than I already am. I’m sure she won’t mind the added praise either. Her first novel, by Steeple Hill, came out in March with her second following in June. No lie, this lady is going to keep the bookshelves stocked with wonderful stories.

To read my review of her book Winter’s End check out this link: http://pepperbasham.blogspot.com/2010/04/winters-end-by-ruth-logan-herne.html

To learn more about Ruthy’s amazing world and creativity (plus her fantastic humor), check out her website at www.ruthloganherne.com

 Now Ruthy, what are your top three hero characteristics?



Good teeth…  🙂                  

Okay, kidding on that last one…

Humility  (at least eventually. They don’t all start off humble, LOL! The Holy Spirit Dude is great at inspiring humility.) 

In all honesty, have you ever even thought of a hero having bad teeth? Villians, yes. Heroes, no! I’m with ya on that one, Ruthy.

But humility? Really? Aw man, that’s a tough pill to swallow by anybody…and surprisingly beautiful to watch happen in a man’s heart. 

Any really good examples of humility in movie heroes? One pops to mind. Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade during one of the last scenes when his father is shot and he has to retrieve the cup of Christ. You see his compassion for his father, and the realization of his own helplessness.

The Count of Monte Christo (the movie) goes from embitterness and pride to humility in the end.

Or Aragorn on Lord of the Rings, he feels unworthy for the calling of his mission. It’s one of the things that defines him as a gentle hero.

So many of the characteristics we find appealing in heroes, are on the long list of true Christian characteristics. No surprise, but a beautiful reminder.

Christ’s example, in humbling himself even to death on a cross, reminds us of the magnificent and breathtaking beauty of humility.

It’s in stark contrast to arrogance and pride.

It’s one of the reasons we end up falling in love with Mr. Darcy. He doesn’t stay on that high and mighty pedestal. He comes down from it and shows moments of love in gentle ways – even secret ways.

Hero Quote

To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals courtesy, to inferiors nobleness.”  – Benjamin Franklin (quote for you, Ruthy!! I know you like Ol’ Ben)

Inspirational Verse:

12-14So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.

Col. 3:12


  1. Casey

    Love Ruth’s sense of humor. 🙂 and I totally agree a guy just wouldn’t be appealing with icky teeth. 🙂 I tend to go overboard when it comes to dazzling smiles in my writng. LOL!

  2. Pepper

    Really, Casey!
    How can you say too much about a guy’s smile. Oh la la!!
    Thanks for the praise for the new look. I’m trying to find my way 😉 What do you think of the tagline? 😉

  3. Keli Gwyn

    I think humility is a great trait for a hero–along with good teeth, of course.

  4. Pepper

    Hidee Keli,
    I wonder what a humble smile would look like? Any ideas? 😉 Be still my heart.

  5. Ruth Logan Herne

    Not only do I love the free press, I love you, PB, and I’m constantly amazed at God’s tiny idiosyncrasies (had to think how to spell THAT ONE) like how I really like peanut butter and your initials are PB.

    That’s way beyond fate. It’s positively providential… 😉 I mean, what are the ODDS OF THAT, Pepper???? Hmmm??? Pretty slim, I bet.

    And somehow a character named Ginger has showed up in my newest novel for SH (shhhh….. I’m announcing it tomorrow in Seekerville…. Do Not Tell…)

    Wait. Did I say that OUT LOUD FOR PITY’S SAKE???? ON THE INTERNET???? THE WORLD WIDE WEB????????

    GADZOOKS, WHAT WAS I THINKING??? And the ink barely dried on the contract….

    And Ginger is married to a pastor, has a great sense of humor, and a tribe of children…. and is expecting another.

    The writer’s world is rife with coincidence, is it not??? 🙂


  6. pepperbasham

    Good HEAVENS, Ruthy. I hope your new book isn’t prophetic!
    LOVE the heroine’s name though. My mom’s name. Great name for a great lady.
    And yet another thing we have in common, Ruthy. Peanut Butter.
    Have I told you that you’re one of my heroes?
    July is getting closer every day. Woohoo!!

  7. Kathryn Albright


    I’m new to your blog, but have been reading it since I learned of you on Seekerville. I’m enjoying your take on hero traits! Humility is a big one! Besides giving the character depth, it sure makes him likeable.

    P.S. (I like peanut butter too. Comfort food all the way…)

    • pepperbasham

      Hidee Kathryn,
      I’m so glad you stopped by. I just finished reading Margaret Brownley’s new book
      A Lady Like Sarah and her hero is fantastic…and humble. Imagine that! And OOOOH so loveable. I wrote a review on my book review blog at http://pepperbasham.blogspot.com.

      Seekerville is wonderful, isn’t it?


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