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I’m still celebrating with Tina Russo Radcliffe who just sold her first manuscript to Steeple Hill. Her perseverance has paid off – which should be encouragement to any aspiring authors out there. Her book, The Rancher’s Reunion comes out in January 2011.

Tina’s been writing romantic short stories for years and is part of the fantastic group of authors known as the Seekers. To learn more about The Seekers, check out their site at http://seekerville.blogspot.com. To learn more about Tina, check out her website at www.tinarusso.com

Now, on to the hero stuff. 

Tina’s wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor shines in answer to the question – what are your top three hero character traits?

1. Sense of humor

2. Great smile

3. Nice back pockets

 Definitely! Love the last one. LOL.

 So, after about a day (on and off) of research, I’ve compiled a list of a few top funny actors from the big-screen. Consistently funny actors. These are not MY top picks, but the general consensus among internet surfing.

 (In no particular order)

  1. Steve Martin
  2. Cary Grant
  3. Hugh Grant
  4. Matthew McConnaughey
  5. Steve Carrell (another one of my favs…hilarious)
  6. Jim Carey
  7. Greg Kinnear
  8. Tom Hanks
  9. John Cusack
  10. Bill Murray
  11. Johnny Depp (just for you, Tina 😉
  12. Richard Gere
  13. Nicholas Cage
  14. Gregory Peck
  15. Robin Williams
  16. Jackie Chan
  17. John Cleese

 But I want your picks too. Who are your favorite funny movie characters?

Some of my top picks:

  1. Leopold (Hugh Jackman) from Kate and Leopold
  2. Gandalf from Lord of the Rings – GREAT one liners
  3. Mark Ruffalo in Just Like Heaven
  4. Indiana Jones in…movies 1 & 3
  5. Cary Grant
  6. Colin Firth in The Importance of Being Earnest & Nanny McPhee
  7. Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck, The Family Man, National Treasure 

I know I’m missing some, but can’t think of them all.

Here’s a question –

What makes a sense of humor so attractive? Why is it hero-quality?

Research varies on the answer and some of the research points to ‘sex’ differences making the ‘humor’ difference. It seems that women find a man more attractive if he’s funny, and men find a woman more attractive if she finds him funny.

The basic idea behind this is that men are insecure at heart. They need an overt awareness of a woman’s attraction, so if she laughs at his jokes, then that’s an immediate connection. On the other hand, women are looking for someone who seems agreeable, nice, an ‘emotional’ connection, per se.

Laughter automatically sends the good hormones in the brain firing – making us feel good inside anyway. And who doesn’t want to feel good?

Humor is an automatic stress reducer.

But as Tina so wonderfully pointed out, funny combined with a nice package makes for the BEST type of hero. A great smile? Definitely, it’s the first thing that draws me to someone. A sense of humor – without a doubt in my TOP THREE. Nice back pockets? I don’t’ think she’s referring to where he keeps his wallet for financial security, but who doesn’t like a pretty wrapper, right? 😉

Humor doesn’t just show a happy heart, it gives a clue into the depth of the person. People with healthy senses of humor are usually happier in general and more intelligent – because it takes a fair amount of wit to be funny. They also seem to be more optimistic, with a brighter outlook on situations.

Even in dramatic movies or sad situations, humor lets us know that the worst hasn’t happened yet, that there is still hope in the middle of it all. And hope is attractive, beautiful even.

Gandalf finds something witty to say even in the direst of circumstances.

Almost all of the other movie characters use sarcasm to lighten the situation and bring humor to the moment.

They’re attractive – and most of them have pretty nice back pockets too 😉

So, add some humor and increase the appeal of your hero.

Remember, humor is a key ingredient to joy. As Christians we are reminded to rejoice in the Lord, the joy of the Lord is our strength…etc.

Besides, if you’re ever in doubt that God has a sense of humor – just look in the mirror.

I’ll leave you with a verse that tells us to have a bit of humor – Colossians 4:6

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

What do you think ‘seasoned with salt’ means? 😉 (Yeah, I know it can mean wisdom too, but the thought of it meaning ‘flavor’ seems better to me 😉


  1. Tina


    Favorite movie heroes include

    Keanu Reeves in Speed

    Russell Crowe in A Good Year

    • pepperbasham

      Two good ones, Tina. Russell Crowe won me over in the movies A Beautiful Mind and The Gladiator. Whew…intense.

      Keanu Reeves is great in Speed and one of his other great movies is A Walk in the Clouds. Beautiful movie

      Congrats again on your FIRST SALE!!!!!!! Woohoooo!!!

  2. Julie Lessman

    Oh, honey, Cary Grant ALL the way!! I guess I’m showing my age, aren’t I, but who cares!! 🙂

    Tina … LOVE answer #3 — my kind of answer!


    • pepperbasham

      I love Cary Grant too, Julie. Classic, without a doubt. You did know that Clark Gable showed up on the classic comedy list? I’ve always seen him as Rhett Butler, but he was quite funny in some of his other movies too. Go figure. A man with great back pockets, a sexy smile, AND a sense of humor. Doesn’t get much better than that. Add the gorgeous eyes and I’m a goner 😉

  3. Sherrinda

    Hhhmmmm…let’s see, I would Hugh Grant, because I think he is hilarious in an awkward sort of way! Really, humor is a HUGE factor in my Hero Quality List. It’s a must!!!!

  4. Tina Pinson

    Humor is an important quality, Cary Grant had wonderful timing, I can agree with most the names. I like Jimmy Stewart and James Garner comes to mind. Plus the actor in seven brides for seven brothers who’s name escapes me.

  5. Tina Pinson

    As for seasoned with salt … One, you shouldn’t over do your speech so much that you make the meal unedible.

    Two you should speak healing words. note that speaking salty words doesn’t always make people happy. Especially when your salt is meant to be admonition. most certainly
    Our words should be spoken in love and truth.

    Also salt can carry, as in the dead sea. Think weightlessness.

    Meaning the salt you use to savor your words may be exactly what is necessary to carry someone through a day, even a moment. If that makes sense?

    There are times when the use of salt can be stronger, but don’t bible thump a person to death

    • Pepper

      LOL Tina,
      Yeah, ‘seasoned with salt’ doesn’t mean doused with it!! LOL. And wonderful words about the way we flavor our words might help carry someone through their day. oooh, nice!

  6. Alexandra

    Hugh Laurie was incredibly funny in his early stuff (Jeeves and Wooster, for example) before he became the cantankerous House. He’s my favorite. Gerald Butler in Nim’s Island–loved his interaction with the writer character. Nicolas Cage in the National Treasure films. Jimmy Stewart. Spencer Tracy was absolutely awesome. Robin Williams, yes…Tom Hanks…Gregory Peck!!!! Yes, yes, yes.

    • pepperbasham

      Oh Alexandra,
      How could I not put Hugh Laurie. Oh yes, he’s hilarious. Gerald Butler has some great humor, even though some of it is in the PG-13 rating. I prefer his sweeter humorous stuff like in Nim’s Island and in the movie called Timeline. He’s a good dramatic actor in P.S. I Love You. Whew, I cried so hard on that movie.
      Thanks for stopping by



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