I Need a Hero…& a few extra hours

by | Mar 27, 2010 | Fiction Book Reviews | 2 comments

So obviously I’ve not been keeping up with the I Need a Hero series – though my goal has been 3 posts a week. Hmmm… Life happened.

I hope to start back up with renewed fervor next week, but we’ll see. In the mean time, I’d like to take a survey of you guys. Some of you have already listed your top 3 literary heroes, but I’d like you to list your top 3 literary heroes and your top 3 movie heroes. I’m going to compose a list a the end of the I Need A Hero series of all the ‘tops’.

We ALL need a hero – and that soul-core-of who-we-are need is met in the person of Jesus Christ.


  1. Teresa Perkins

    Top 3 movie heroes…

    Keanu Reeves’ character in “A Walk in the Clouds”

    The Pickle Man in “Crossing Delancey”

    Jack in “While You Were Sleeping”

    Top 3 literary heroes…

    Hank the Cow Dog in the books by the same name.

    Mr. Knightley in “Emma”

    Aslan in the Narnia books

  2. pepperbasham

    Candi Summers writes:
    “Hmmm, literary heroes:(this is HARD because I have not read for pleasure for the past 10 years or so and have just started again!)
    Aslan from Chronicles of Narnia. Totally love him.
    Prof. Behr from Little Women. He completely saves the day.
    And I have to add in Aragorn from LOTR. I know it’s kinda cheating since you already listed him, but oh well.

    My favorite movie heroes (and I am a big time movie fanatic, so paring it down is HARD!)
    1) LOVE the Adam Webber character in Blast from the Past. He has that core goodness combined with true sincerity and he is so honorable. It’s great.

    2)Max Kane in the movie The Mighty. Not a traditional movie hero or dreamy one but a true hero who overcomes who he thinks he is to save the day for a handicapped child. One of my fave movies of all time.

    3)One of my favorite new “heroes” in a movie is James T. Kirk in the new version of Star Trek (played by Chris Pine.) He has a raw leadership energy that is very heroic and goes up against rough odds bravely. It’s nice. I also love the totally aspie Spock and how they give him a real core in that film, but that’s another story. :)”


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