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Mr. Knightley – my hero – 1996

In 1996 an Oscar winning adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel Emma hit the silver screen starring the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow and dashing Jeremy Northam. It is one of my favorite adaptations of this novel, in part due to the spectacular performance by the two main characters (as well as supporting cast), but also because it has…well…Jeremy Northam.
I do have a weakness for Mr. Knightley, even over (dare I write it) Mr. Darcy. There’s something about the friendship between Knightley and Emma that gives their romance a deeper twist. Mr. Knightley is in all ways – a gentleman, and values goodness. His praise of Mr. Martin is one example, his kindness to the Bateses is another, and his concern for others, including Harriet and even, at times, servants.
So…Mr. Knightley was truly Emma’s Knight-in-Shining-Armor.

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