Second Impressions – my short story

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Woohoo! Regency author Linore Rose Burkard has her third book in her Regency Inspirational Romance series coming out in January, following the two fantastic novels Before the Season Ends and The House in Grosvenor Square.


Not only that, her website and newsletter provide all sorts of treasures about the Regency world; tidbits you might not find in other places. Truly inspiration for the Jane Austen Soul.
I enjoy reading Jane Austen’s novels, but they are a bit tedious if you’re not used to such writing. Linore presents a nice bridge from contemporary romance to Austenian works, allowing the reader a taste of Regency without all the historical writing complexities of the late-18th and early 19th centuries. Perhaps, starting with Linore’s books will help you find more joy in Austen’s works.
Now…for the news.
In Linore’s latest ezine, she published my short story Second Impressions – a fun story about what happens when an American gets a dream visit to Jane Austen country…and meets the man of her dreams/nightmares. First impressions are important you know, but sometimes second impressions provide a clearer view.
Take a chance to check it out by following the link and scrolling through Linores’ wonderful newsletter to the end.


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