Darcy Through the years 2008 – Lost in Austen

by | Jul 30, 2009 | Fiction Book Reviews | 3 comments

Talk about ‘escaping’ into a book, well it really happens to avid Austen fan Amanda Price in the 2008 British series Lost in Austen. She doesn’t even get a cool magical doorway name like Alice in Wonderland. Instead of going “Through the looking glass”, Amanda walks through a doorway in her bathroom….ahem…toilet (for those Brits 😉 into Jane Austen’s masterpiece Pride and Prejudice.
Set in modern times and part in Regency, this movie turns Austen’s tale on its’ head, and sends the characters in plot directions Austen NEVER intended.

Clever, hilarious, but a bit crass at times, I still found myself drawn to Darcy and rooting for the heroine – Amanda (instead of Lizzie – weird, I know). I love British humor and if you do too, then you’ll probably enjoy this tale – although sometimes it gets very strange. You’ll enjoy it even more if you have a well-versed knowledge of Pride & Prejudice movies gone by.


  1. Melanie Dickerson

    I guess I'm too much of a purist, because I just couldn't bear this movie. I turned it off about halfway into it, when Jane married Mr. Collins! UGH! I just couldn't stand it! I was cringing.

  2. Pepper Basham

    THAT was the most difficult part for me. Poor Jane, but it works out in the end – and Darcy in the 21st century was kind of funny too :-)I'll tell you something I couldn't stand, the novel Pride and Prescience – a mystery of the Darcys post-wedding. It got a little too 'out there' for me.For me, this movie kept Darcy's true nature – so I handled it well. I missed Lizzie though

  3. hmsgofita

    I loved this one…it was fun to see a different twist on P&P and it's kind of every P&P's fan to get Darcy! So I was able to do it vicariously through our lovely Amanda Price!


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