Love Find You in Humble, Texas

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When Superman flies into your life wearing an adorable smile and bringing balloons, what does a girl do? Well, if you’re Trudie Abernathy – you give the guy to your sister.

Trudie has just met Mr. Wonderful – and all because of a blind date that her sister, Lane, set up.

Just as sparks begin to fly between Mason Wimberley and Trudie, Lane makes an announcement. She’s in love with Mason.

Because of her love for her younger, egnimatic, and more beautiful sister, Trudie steps away from her growing feelings toward Mason to allow Mason’s feelings to transfer to her sister. She doesn’t count on the fact that Mason has no intention of changing the direction of his heart. Every attempt to distance herself from him and her feelings is cornered by another act of Mason’s consistency. Will Trudie finally succeed in breaking Mason’s attraction and redirecting it to her sister? Does she want to?

My two cents worth
Sweet story. I love the idea that Mason continues to pursue her – it’s fantastic. His diligence, when he knows they have a mutual attraction, is delightful, funny….and of course romantic. Anita Higman even makes Lane – the sister you want to throttle – likeable and sympathetic (to an extent). The story did end very happily-ever-afterish, but left that wonderful warm, delightful feeling in its wake, so I gladly accepted it.
It’s a lighthearted story with an easy pace.


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