The Best Storyteller

by | Dec 16, 2008 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

I was listening to the sermon on Sunday and the pastor made a comment that sent my mind into one of those contemplative moments. His sermon was about the ‘wise men’ from the Bible – actual term ‘magi’. An interesting comment he made was that these “Magi” were probably King’s counselors, astrologers, perhaps dabblers in a bit of occult…where we get the word magic.
Now that wasn’t the point that was so interesting.
He said that God spoke to the Magi in their language, so share His news. He spoke to them through the stars.

This made me consider other ways God spoke to people in the Bible. Since God, and Jesus – the God/Man, is the master Storyteller, His evident handiwork is present throughout Scripture. He comes down to the level of his audience to help them understand. For the Magi, he spoke through the stars, for the fisherman- he spoke of becoming ‘fishers of men’, for the average farmer – he told the parable of the seeds.

In the greatest picture of love, God gave the ULTIMATE example by talking to His people with a human mouth in a human tongue from a human body – when Jesus became a man. God spoke our language so that we could understand and find our way Home to Him. His illustrations were ‘out of this world’.


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