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Ready for the plunge

Okay, so I thought I was this terrifically, cool, prepared mom. You know, the kind who looks into the face of danger and laughs….the kind who chuckles at a challenge, the kind who bares her teeth in anticipation for the next big adventure, but I realized this week that I”m not as ‘prepared’ as I like to think I am.
My oldest son (10 years old) is beginning to show signs of puberty! What is the deal with that?!? He’s TEN! I thought I at least had 2 (or 20) more years, but no….out of the blue, I get hit with this realization as his body starts changing.

And of course, I responded in the ‘coolest’ way. I almost hyperventilated when I got out of his earshot….and then nausea set in 🙂 What is a mom to do?

Well, I prayed…then I talked (or maybe screamed) at my husband about the ‘impossibility’ of this and “aren’t we supposed to get some kind of warning, like a package in the mail with a CODE RED mark on it”.

Whew, I feel better now…… and I’m starting to swallow the pill that this is life and another process of parenting…..AND it will be just as interesting and beautiful (in its own special way) as the other ‘stages’ have been. Not without challenge, but hopefully in the end, my relationships with my kids will have developed into something beautiful.

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