Changing Characters

In my studies of character development, I’m learning more and more about how characters grow and change throughout a novel….and the depth of that growth that can take place. Ebenezer Scrooge, Scarlet O’Hara, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz grow, develop, and change throughout the course of the stories. From bits and pieces of the Journeyman course chapter I’m taking through the Christian Writers Guild, I’m learning that every good author doesn’t ‘drop’ a change on his/her readers at the end of the story, but takes time to gradually prepare the readers for a change. Also, as the protagonist in the story changes, so do all the elements in his/her personality, like his values, attitudes……well, I’ll let you learn from one of the best. James Scott Bell’s books on writing are fantastic, especially Plot & Structure. It’s written simply with so many key insights to the development of a well-developed plot.

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