Conference Tips with Laura Frantz

If you’ve never read one of Laura Frantz outstanding historical romances, then it’s time to find your nearest bookstore and purchase one. Her lyrical quality, character development, historical details, and conflict are outstanding – not to mention the romance 🙂

You can read my review of her most recent novel, The Colonel’s Lady, right here.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Laura last year at ACFW. She’s truly as sweet in person as she is online.

With her usual eloquence, she tells us the three things conference attendees need to bring:

Open hands (for all the people you want to  hug)
Open heart (for what God has in store for  you)
Open mind (remembering God’s best is far beyond what we  can hope for or can imagine)
Laura – what GREAT reminders. Isn’t it easy to get so caught up in the excitement and nervousness, and forget the most important reason for being there. God’s call!
Thank you for bringing things back into perspective.
So everyone, what historical time period do you like in your fiction? 🙂
You can learn more about Laura’s books on her website.
Stop by on Sunday for next week’s list of Conference Tips authors. Have a great weekend!

Conference Tips with Missy Tippens

With hometown hospitality and good-ol-fashion sense, Missy Tippens brings her conference tips to you today. Missy is one of the awesome 15 of Seekerville, a writing blog to inspire and entertain.

Missy’s fiction with Southern Flare are filled with a real sense of homecoming – sometimes an actual physical homecoming of the characters, but certainly a homecoming for two hearts. You can find more out about Missy’s books on her website or by visiting her blog. She’s also a contributor to the writing blog, F.A.I.T.H. girls.  


what are the top three things that Missy says you need to bring with you to conference??

1. A list of agents and editors you’re interested in meeting. Of course, you’ve already done all your research ahead of time! You want to make sure you know who you want to tackle–er, try to meet–beforehand so when opportunities arise at meals, you’ll be ready to pounce–er, take advantage. 🙂
2. Your good sense. Do not leave this at home. 🙂 For example, be careful what you say about other’s work…and about other people. It’s a small world out there. And don’t complain about judge comments on your latest contest (you may be talking to a judge!). Don’t talk or text during workshops or while someone’s speaking. (Yes, I’ve been in a workshop before when a woman answered her phone and had a short conversation.) No matter what I said in number one, do not pounce on editors and agents. And if you do land at a table with your dream publishing professional, do not monopolize the whole conversation. It’s not exactly the best way to make friends with other writers at the table. 🙂 So I reiterate…be sure you take your good sense with you to conference!
3. Sensitivity. No matter how anxious or outright scared you might feel in a conference setting, be on the lookout for writers who look terrified or lonely. I assure you there are others–possibly first timers–who find conferences and social settings stressful or even painful. So try to step out of your comfort zone and make a few new friends. The best piece of advice I got at my first conference, as I stood against the wall with my stomach in knots, was to try to make 4 new friends at every conference I attended. I’ve tried to do that ever since.
Thanks so much, Missy. GREAT points too, whether at a writer’s conference or back home, tips 2 & 3 should be out of our overflow of Christian charity anyway, right? Unfortunately, we need to be reminded way too often…heaven help us! (literally)
Anyone had an opportunity to read Love Inspired? If so, have you picked up one of Missy’s? Her newest novel, A Family for Faith, was a beautiful story.

ACFW here I come

indianapolis-1872528_1920.jpgWell, I just had to share my news, cause I’m tickled down to my toenails.

Last night, my roommate and I ordered our plane tickets – the LAST thing we needed to secure our plans for the ACFW conference in Indianapolis. Yes, that’s right. My VERY first American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. I can’t tell you how excited I am.

I registered for the conference in June.

Secured the hotel the first week of July.

And now…plane tickets are a GO.

It’s a very real opportunity. Yipee kiyay!!

Why am I so excited? Well, here are a few reasons.

I’ll get to meet the SEEKERS!!!!! (waving to Julie, Mary, Tina, Ruthy, Janet, Myra, Camy, Cheryl…and all the other wonderful ladies at Seekerville)

I’ll get to dress up (Woohoo, banquet on Sunday night)

I’ll get to celebrate with the winners of the Carol Award (btw, 4 of my FAVORITE authors have finaled for this award in the Historical genre- you know who you are)

I’ll glean from all the great lectures and encouragement of being with other writers.

I might even get time to…write. I know, that might be pushing the possiblities a bit too far 😉

AND (drumroll please)

I’ll get to SLEEP!!! can you believe it? Three full nights without little people interruptions. I LOOOOOVE my kids, but oh my, what a treat to get an entire bed for an entire night. This may sound like a small celebration to some of you, but for those with kids (especially more than two with ages VERY close together) you know what I’m talkin’ about here 🙂

What a wonderful blessing and honor. I can’t wait.

And Mary, Julie, Janet, Myra, Deeanne, Laura, Cathy, Helen, Melanie…and so many other wonderful authors…

I reserve the write…er….right to get a hug and give a hug to each of you. So don’t be too afraid with this southern chic, with freckles and a somewhat insane look in her eyes, comes up to you. It’s probably me.

Are you going to ACFW? What are some of your favorite things about writers conferences?