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by | Jul 27, 2010 | Christian authors | 24 comments

indianapolis-1872528_1920.jpgWell, I just had to share my news, cause I’m tickled down to my toenails.

Last night, my roommate and I ordered our plane tickets – the LAST thing we needed to secure our plans for the ACFW conference in Indianapolis. Yes, that’s right. My VERY first American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. I can’t tell you how excited I am.

I registered for the conference in June.

Secured the hotel the first week of July.

And now…plane tickets are a GO.

It’s a very real opportunity. Yipee kiyay!!

Why am I so excited? Well, here are a few reasons.

I’ll get to meet the SEEKERS!!!!! (waving to Julie, Mary, Tina, Ruthy, Janet, Myra, Camy, Cheryl…and all the other wonderful ladies at Seekerville)

I’ll get to dress up (Woohoo, banquet on Sunday night)

I’ll get to celebrate with the winners of the Carol Award (btw, 4 of my FAVORITE authors have finaled for this award in the Historical genre- you know who you are)

I’ll glean from all the great lectures and encouragement of being with other writers.

I might even get time to…write. I know, that might be pushing the possiblities a bit too far 😉

AND (drumroll please)

I’ll get to SLEEP!!! can you believe it? Three full nights without little people interruptions. I LOOOOOVE my kids, but oh my, what a treat to get an entire bed for an entire night. This may sound like a small celebration to some of you, but for those with kids (especially more than two with ages VERY close together) you know what I’m talkin’ about here 🙂

What a wonderful blessing and honor. I can’t wait.

And Mary, Julie, Janet, Myra, Deeanne, Laura, Cathy, Helen, Melanie…and so many other wonderful authors…

I reserve the write…er….right to get a hug and give a hug to each of you. So don’t be too afraid with this southern chic, with freckles and a somewhat insane look in her eyes, comes up to you. It’s probably me.

Are you going to ACFW? What are some of your favorite things about writers conferences?


  1. Melanie Dickerson

    You’re looking forward to seeing me too, right??? I can’t wait to see you, Pepper! And I love hugs! 🙂

    Can’t wait!

    • pepperbasham

      Daggone it, Melanie. I knew I’d forget someone. I’m adding you. Right now 😉

  2. Sherrinda

    I am trying really, really hard to not be green with envy. 🙂 I know you are going to have a fabulous time and learn to much. Please take pictures!!!!

    • Pepper

      I bet you look good in green, though 😉

      • Sherrinda

        Bahahahaha! You are hilarious. I do look good in a muted green, btw. 🙂

  3. Regina Merrick

    I’m going, too! Can’t wait to meet you!! I’ll be the other freckle-faced Southern chick! LOL

    • Pepper

      Yeah, Regina.
      Oh boy, someone else to get to meet. I’m so excited…and thankful.

  4. Jan Marie

    I’m not sure yet if I will be going – I have made motel reservations in case I do get to go. IF I do, I sure hope I get to meet you!

    Jan Marie

    • Pepper

      Oh Jan Marie,
      I hope you can go. I’m not all that sure what to expect, but if it’s a place full of friends-to-be-met – then it HAS to be good 🙂

  5. Edwina Cowgill

    Can’t wait to meet you Pepper and all the other friends I’ve made online this past year! Looking forward to the entire experience!

    • Pepper

      Oh Edwina,
      Really? Yipee – another face to search for in the crowd. WHAT. A . BLESSING!!

  6. Mary Connealy

    Hi, Pepper. We’re gonna have fun. 🙂

    • Pepper

      You will reserve a few hugs, right? RIGHT?

  7. Laura Frantz

    Morning, Dr. Pepper:) Can’t wait to meet you in person! You’ve become so dear to me online that it will be a real treat in person. Get ready to have your socks knocked off. This is quite a conference!!

    • Pepper

      Oh Laura,
      You are SOOOO sweet. I plan to ‘run into you’ more than once, if you can handle a little stalker. How’s that work for you?

  8. Julie Lessman

    Well, honey, there’s certainly going to be a lot more PEP in this year’s conference with you there, girl!! Soooo can’t wait to meet you, too, although I feel like we’ve known each other forever!

    And it will be SO great to meet Regina, Jan and Edwina, too, NOT TO MENTION two of my favorite authors, Melanie Dickerson and Laura Frantz!! WHOO-HOO … it’s gonna be FUN!!


    • Pepper

      Oh Jules,
      You’re punny 😉
      I grin every time I think about getting to meet you. And yes, I feel like I’ve known you forever too. In fact, as much as I’ve talked about you to my mom, she thinks she knows you too 😉

  9. Kaye Dacus

    I’ll be there, of course (I’m teaching, how could I miss it???)—I’ll be the one running around giving lie to the fact that I’m actually a huge introvert, because I’ll be running around trying to talk to EVERYONE at the conference. A tall order in two and a half days when there’ll be something like 600 people there!

    • Pepper

      Oh boy, Kaye.
      I hope I get an opportunity to ‘see’ you in Nashville before September, but my plans did an unexpected twist. I’m still trying to work on a trip to Nashville within the next few weeks -maybe!
      If not, I WILL find you in Indy. (sorry, that sounded kind of scary, didn’t it – like “I’ll be back” sort of scary 😉

  10. Casey

    Pep, DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!!! I seriously need pictures and give Julie a big hug for me (and Laura too!). I wish I were going, BUT all in God’s timing right? Right. Right. Right. Riiiiiiiight.

    • Pepper

      Don’t you worry. I’ll probably hug Julie and Laura enough for you, me, and each one of the kids that live in my house 🙂
      Camera? Check

  11. Susan Mason

    Lucky you, Pepper! One day I will get there!
    Hopefully before my old age pension!

    Have fun planning.

  12. Audra

    Pepper! So glad you’re coming to Indy. I can’t wait to rush up and claim my hug!

    So, do we all look like our pictures?? heh,heh,heh.
    That’s ALWAYS a surprise, LOL!

  13. Kathryn Albright

    I’ll be there Pepper! My first time too. I am close enough to make the drive, although it will be a long one after I finish work.

    Hope to see you there!


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