God's grace

Knowing Who Loves You

I love it when God gives you one of those brief moments of clarity. Of what it really feels like to be loved. Sometimes, we have to go through our days reminding ourselves of God's truths in the Bible. Forcing our logic to overcome our feelings. But occasionally, we'll have those moments where what we… Continue reading Knowing Who Loves You

Swoony Saturdays

Book Journeys – Paris

This week I’m celebrating one of my favorite contemporary romance novels. An “oldie” but a goodie, this book was published in 2005, and oh la la, I was introduced to the story and the author in 2007. Why is that important? Well, as a budding romance writer, I’d had a hard time finding books that… Continue reading Book Journeys – Paris

Book Journeys

Book Journeys – A Biltmore Love Story

It’s sad to say that most of the best love stories are not widely known. We hear a great deal about people to split up, but real-life romances are not as celebrated. They happen. In all time periods, classes, places, and people-groups, true love has a way of making ordinary life rather extraordinary. As we’ve… Continue reading Book Journeys – A Biltmore Love Story

Christian authors

Love at First Thought with Missy Tippens

Oh it's another wonderful Seeker today. Missy Tippens, Fiction author with southern sweetness - let me tell ya. If you've not had a chance to read any of her books, just check out her website here. Missy and I are in cahoots.  She's an author (I'm an aspiring one). She's a mom of more than… Continue reading Love at First Thought with Missy Tippens