Conference Tips with Kim Sawyer

Here’s one lady who should know about conference tips!!! Kim Sawyer has been getting things ready for the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference behind the scenes for months – and with her sense of humor and kindness, she’s probably lined up another group of volunteers to make the conference more forward with as few glitches as possible.

Kim is know mostly for her historical fiction, but her YA Katy series (Zondervan) adds showcases the wide spectrum of Kim’s writing talents. Speaking of Katy, Kim’s YA novel Katy’s New World is a finalist in ACFW’s Carol Awards – so Kim is going to have a VERY full weekend.

Congrats Kim!

So….what are the top three things we should bring to conference?

3) Business cards to share with new friends, editors, and agents, and one-sheets of your proposal if you’re pitching. Bring more than you think you’ll need–better to have it and not need then need it and not have it. I also suggest bringing the first chapter and synopsis of your work, just in case someone wants to “take a peek.”

2) A realistic expectation. Don’t go with the idea that you’re going to be snatched up as the next Jane Austen–go with the idea that you’re going to meet wonderful people, gain knowledge that will help you grow in your craft, and have a time of fellowship with likeminded folks. Anything else is frosting on the cake.
1) Be PRAYED UP. Conferences can be exhausting, emotionally. So spend time in prayer, asking God to bolster you and to be present during the long hours. He has a reason for calling you to this place, so be open to His voice.
Oh Kim – what great words! Thank you for reminding us of His call on our lives, not only as Christians, but as writers.
Are you guys ready for conference with realistic expectations? God’s plans are not always the ‘feeding five thousand’ or ‘calming the storm’ types of experiences – sometimes He comes to us as a still small voice.
What expectations do you have for conference?

Last ACFW pics – I promise (mostly)

Okay, I’m going to get back to blogging after today, but I wanted to post a few more pics from my time in Indianapolis.

It barely feels real now – especially since I returned back to my nonfiction world at full throttle. Got home at 8pm Monday night and back up at 6am for kids’ school and my job on Tuesday morning. I cannot tell you ANYTHING about my Tuesday 🙂

Highlights of  the trip?

(to the left is a pic with Kim Vogel Sawyer and Kaye Dacus (said DAY-cus – I learned the hard way 😉

Meeting Cyberpals in person, such as the glorious Seeker gals, Julie Lessman, Mary Connealy, Audra Harders, Janet Dean, Cara Lynn James, Debby Giusti, Cheryl Wyatt, Camy Tang, & Pam Hillman.

Seeing Mary Connealy win a Carol (Mary doesn’t mind if I keep showing this picture. She’s kinda proud of that award 😉

Seeing Pam Hillman win a Carol

Meeting other clients who share my agent, Les Stobbe. (Hi guys, you are SOOOO wonderful. Go, Ben. GO!!. Waving to Barry & Jeff too)

Having Caramel Hot Chocolate with Siri Mitchell

Hugging and praying with Cathy Marie Hake.

Getting stuck in an elevator with Rachel Hauck 🙂 Fun times.

Chatting with Dan Walsh – what a GREAT guy!!

The list could go on and on.

Jeff Gerke’s class (FABULOUS presenter and really cool guy. Did I mention his book is great too)

Meeting Revell editor Andrea Doering.

Laughing with Patti Lacy

Gleaning encouragement from Patty Hall.

Dining with Melanie Dickerson and Linore Rose Burkard

Working the registration desk!! I met Carol Voekel there AND Janette Oke.

Rooming with my FABULOUS writing buddy, K. Dawn Byrd, even though the toilet exploded in our room and we had to move to a different room. LOL. By no fault of our own, mind you.

Seriously, it was wonderful.

So – I’m done. I know I’ve forgotten to list a few things, but I’ll try to keep you in suspense. A little. 🙂