Audio Book Giveaway for The Thorn Bearer

TheThornbearer 500x750 (1)Oh boy! Oh boy! I have two audible copies to give away of my debut novel, The Thorn Bearer!! And guys, the narrator for the book is ENGLISH! Her accent and voice are so nice as you are swept away aboard the ill-fate Lusitania to the Derbyshire, England countryside.

You can hear Rachael’s lovely voice in this sample:

For your chance to win a copy of this audio version to add to your collection, you can do these things for a chance to be in the drawing.

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  3. AND if you’ve already read The Thorn Bearer and just want this amazing audio version to add to your collection – I’ll place your name into the drawing for each review you’ve added for Amazon, B&N, and/or Goodreads. Leave that info in the comments too!! I’ll check out your review and then add your names to the drawing! So…. you could possibly have your name added five times!

Soooo…… leave your comments, reviews, and likes for your chance to win! The contest will be live until Wednesday, November 18th, 10pm.

Thanks so much for being a part of this journey.


Inspiration for Catherine Dougall

Today is the day!!

Time to see the cover for book 2 in the Penned in Time series, The Thorn Keeper.

The trick to this ‘game’ is….

I’ve listed 8 blogs participating in the party. You can leave a comment on one or all blogs to get your name in the basket for a digital advanced review copy of The Thorn Keeper (releasing in February 2016).

Here’s a little about the book:

Downton Abbey, 3 Special - Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) ©2012 Carnival
Inspiration for David Ross       ©2012 Carnival

With her past in shambles, how can she fashion a future of hope?

Catherine Dougall’s past of manipulation has left her future in threads. With a new faith, she longs to take the remnants of her life and make something beautiful, but shame, societies’ judgments, and the natural consequences of an unplanned pregnancy test her newfound hope. Dr. David Ross doesn’t help either. His kindness, sacrifice, and tenderness tempt her to impossible dreams. A fallen woman doesn’t merit a fairytale.

casualtyclearingstationDavid Ross has made every effort to keep his life above reproach. His passion for the sick pump fresh purpose through his choices, but without financial support to maintain his war hospital, all is lost. When his notorious aunt offers an easy solution, David is tempted to give in to her demands, but his growing affection for the reformed flirt, Catherine Dougall, unwinds the careful wall around his heart and offers an unexpected choice.

When the worst of war tears them apart, can love renew the memory of what was era shoe shoplost or will tragedy steal away their hope forever.

From the beautiful Derbyshire countryside to the trenches of World War One, Catherine and David must learn to trust in a God who designs a masterpiece out of brokenness and fashions hope in the most unlikely places.

So, visit one…or ALL…of these blogs to SEE the new cover and to enter for your chance to win. Just leave a comment about something you like about the cover. Make a guess about the story. Tell us what you enjoy most about a heroine or a hero! What is one of your favorite ‘stories’ from the World War 1 era?

Join the fun!

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Interviews and Bookmarks! The Grand, New Adventure

TTBbookmarksTime is closing in on my debut novel’s release day!! I can’t believe it’s only a little over a month away!

This week I had two FIRSTS to lead up to next month’s release.

My very first radio interview as an author!!


The arrival of my bookmarks.

Now I have to say, Dianne Barker with Spirit FM was so sweet and eased my nervousness with her kindness. Interestingly enough, about five years ago, Dianne and I had enjoyed lunch together in Johnson CIty, TN and discussed the aspect of trying to get published. For her, it was an attempt to reenter the publishing world. For me, it was a dream of finally getting published.

Funny how we had the opportunity to reconnect after all those years for this interview. I’m in constant awe of God’s weaving past moments and present ones together in surprising ways.


Since my personal writing funds are in short supply at present, I had to design my own bookmarks, which is a daunting task. When they arrived on Tuesday, I was so tickled with the outcome – and they provided the first ‘tangible’ momentum of the publishing journey!

So…the countdown has begun for the release of The Thorn Bearer!

As a writer, what are some things you’ve done to prepare for a book release?

As a reader, what sorts of things have you seen authors do for their book releases that you enjoyed?

The Beginning of Something….Beautiful – COVER REVEAL

TheThornbearer 500x750 (1)Well, on Wednesday, Feb 11th (my Mom’s BIRTHDAY!) I introduced the world to my debut novel cover! The Thorn Bearer is set to release on May 7th – 100 years after the sinking of the Lusitania. Wow! What an honor to be able to have this book come to the world on such an anniversary!

The novel isn’t about the Lusitania per se – but my characters spend the first 1/3 of the book aboard the beautiful ocean liner. Having the opportunity to write about it, during the time when transatlantic voyagers were near their peak, was amazing.

The Thorn Bearer is the first book in a 3-book series about three strong women who must learn the power of forgiveness.

As an intro, here is a little about The Thorn Bearer.

Can love survive a battlefield of the heart when forgiveness isn’t an option?
Ashleigh Dougall is running away.
When her fiancé leaves her three months before their wedding, the unexpected blow ignites a battalion of insecurities stemming from her father’s intimate betrayal. Her worst fears are confirmed – who could ever love a soiled woman?
In an attempt to escape the shame and disappointment of her past, Ashleigh boards the ill-fated Lusitania to cross the war-torn waters of Europe. Much to her dismay, she isn’t traveling alone.
Sam Miller is always making up for his younger brother’s mistakes. Determined to help his friend, Ashleigh, he offers his compassion and companionship as she ventures across a perilous sea. With the faint hope of renewing his lost love for Ashleigh’s sister, Sam never expects to find the woman of his dreams in his best friend.
As they travel across the Atlantic, neither is prepared for the life-altering and heart-breaking journey of their friendship.
When the truth of Ashleigh’s past explodes in the middle of the trenches of Europe and Sam rejects her, Ashleigh must decide if God is enough – or if the double weight of her betrayal and past will crush her life forever.
From the decks of the ill-fated Lusitania to the smoke-filled trenches of France, Ashleigh must choose between the loss of her past, life in the present, and a Savior who can redeem both of them.

Historical Note: The Lusitania, A Princess of the Seas

firstclassdining Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

My upcoming novel, The Thorn Bearer, begins with my characters boarding the ill-fated Lusitania. This ship, a bit smaller than its predecessors like The Titanic, was in many ways just as elegant. The First Class Dining Saloon took up two decks and was topped with a fantastic white plaster dome, decorated with frescoes.

The Colonel’s Lady by Laura Frantz

Laura Frantz has proven her talents in yet another fabulously crafted historical romance. A sweeping tale of terrible loss,
unending determination, and love born through heartbreak, The Colonel’s Lady will take you on a journey through the anguish and treachery of war.

In the heart of Kentucky during the stirrings of the Revolutionary War, Roxanna Rowen finds herself orphaned, penniless, and left in the middle of
Kentucky territory  inside the solitary Fort Endeavor. Her father’s untimely death and the hostility of the surrounding Indians, leave her out of option – save one. Take her father’s place as scrivener for the notorious Colonel Cassius McLinn.

With God’s strength and her own determination, Roxanna takes on the brutality of war and the harsh frontier, but even a fort in the wilds of Kentucky territory may be nothing compared to the untamed heart of Cassius McLinn.

A wounded hero with a broken spirit but a will of iron, he commands both Indians and soldiers with a look, but is he in endanger of losing command of his own heart? Will the secret that binds his spirit wreck his chance to make a life with Roxanna, if they can survive the bloody threat outside the fort walls?

It is a beautiful journey of forgiveness and hope with magical interludes of romantic tension that are positively spellbinding.  Laura blends poetic rhythm and masterful detail to create a setting as real as a movie and characters that reach beyond the page to grip a reader’s heart. I was riveted, moved, and captured in the hands of a gifted storyteller.

Beautiful, Laura – absolutely beautiful.

Check out Laura’s other wonderful novels at her website at

Available August 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Provided by Baker Publishing Group and gladly read & reviewed by me.

Mary Connealy is OUT OF CONTROL

Oh my, what a fun book! Have I ever mentioned how much I love awesome heroes who kiss women senseless?

Who wouldn’t want to be kissed senseless? Seriously!

Add senseless kissing along with a half-crazed cutie, a pregnant widow, an evil hitman, and two control freaks and you have Mary
Connealy’s newest historical romance, Out of Control.

The story is really about Rafe Kincaid, the eldest of three rancher-brothers – and the man who is always ‘in control’. So how else to start the book except to have him be completely Out of Control by meeting Julia Gilliland who is trapped inside a cavern.  – a cavern that has a deep hold onver Rafe’s past.

Rafe’s guilt over his parents’ grief and his youngest brother’s pain shadows his decisions and his ability to live freely. He strives to control everything, because losing control is dangerous.

But then comes Julia – and a kiss within the first 2 minutes of meeting each other. Oh yeah!

Thus begins the adventure.

Julia, an extremely bossy palaentologist-wanna-be, stumbles in Rafe’s life after getting trapped in a cavern while exploring.  Actually, someone trapped her – someone who is after the money her father stole.

The dreaded cavern ruined Rafe’s family but introduced him to a woman  who might be the answer to the loneliness in his heart. She wants to research the wonders of the mysterious cavern – he never wants to visit it again. As they try to solve the mystery of the man hiding out in the cave, will their different goals push them apart?


Is it a perfect match made through stubbornness and trouble? (with lots of senseless kissing and a FABULOUS supporting cast to add the perfect blend of funny, romantic, suspenseful, and crazy.)

Maybe losing control will be the key to losing the guilt of the past and bringing new hope for the future.

If you’re a Mary Connealy fan – get ready for another wonderful story.

If you need a reason to find out what all the excitement is about a Connealy Classic, go pick up the first book in the The Kincaid Brides series – and lose control with Out of Control.

Check out her website at

A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist

Deeanne Gist is one of my favorite historical authors. I have a top 5 group. She’s among them. Her books are funny, deep, and beautifully written with fantastic characterization and swoon-worthy romance. A Bride in the Bargain is another great fit to her ‘brides’ collection.

 Deeanne brings her historical fiction to 1860′s Seattle.  Filled with lumberjacks, misunderstandings, and romance as big as the redwoods, A Bride in the Bargain is sure to tickle your funny bone and warm your heart.Joe Denton needs a wife…and any wife will do. Forced to ‘buy’ a wife from entrepreneur Asa Mercer, Joe plans to meet his new lady, marry her, and keep his hard-earned claim. Unfortunately, the bride he purchased has no intentions of becoming a bride at all.

Anna Ivey ran away from New England under the impression of becoming a cook for a lumberjack who would pay her way. With her painful history, marriage doesn’t seem to be a reasonable option for her future, but nothing could have prepared her for Joe Denton. Evidently, when this mountain of a man sets his big heart on Anna, not even the towering hurts of her past can withstand the strength in his love… or can it?  Anna’s a fighter and fear is a mighty foe.

Does Joe have the patience to chop down the wall protecting Anna’s heart?  Will he be willing to give up his dreams to win the love of a woman who might not love him back?

To find out, pick up this delightful read. Of Gist’s books, this would be third on my favorites list – Deep in the Heart of Trouble being second and Maid to Match in FIRST place. It’s definitely worth the time and the imagination.

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Bride In The Bargain, go HERE

She Walks In Beauty by Siri Mitchell

Without a doubt, this is the BEST historical novel Siri Mitchell has written to date. And the hero? Completely adorable. What’s even better, is that there is fantastic repartee, dancing, and…humor. Oh my, Siri – this novel is second only to your contemporary novel Kissing Adrien.

So, what’s this story all about?

The novel twirls you away, lost in the middle of pretense, expectations in New York’s Guilded Era, truth, lies, and what a ‘living’ faith looks like. Harry De Vrie sweeps the reader’s heart away with his humor, sincerity, and faith. In the middle of the whirlwind of money, status, and deception, Harry stands out with his honesty and endearingly confused reaction to the social ‘expectations’ of the Age. It goes without saying, that poor Clara Carter’s innocent heart is pulled between two desires: the belief that she MUST marry for status over love & and the realization that God can be personal instead of a distant deity.

Clara is lovable, and sweetly unaware of this ‘game of life’. We experience the expectations, heartbreak, and confusion along with her. We learn the steps of an affective snub, how to wave a fan, and spin across the dancefloor with our eyes closed. It’s a brilliant, glamorous, and perplexing journey.

There are so many lovely scenes, I will not recount them, but leave curious minds to uncover the treasures in She Walks In Beauty. Be prepared for elegance, extravagance, romance, and enough humorous snubbing to make you fall in love with Harry along with Clara.

The question is – what will Clara choose? A woman in 1891? Does she have a  choice?

Siri has a unique way of weaving faith into her novels like a gentle whisper instead of a clanging gong. Hints, faded hues woven throughout scenes, and tiny sprinkles of well-placed dialogue speak to the characters as well as the reader. Wonderfully done. I’m still glowing from the aftermath of the book J

If you enjoyed Siri’s novel A Constant Heart, you will adore She Walks In Beauty. Visit Siri’s website to learn more about her books –

REMEMBER to leave your name and a comment about which book/character you like best of Siri’s – your name will be placed in the drawing for Siri’s newest novel, A Heart Most Worthy

A Week Review with Siri Mitchell – Love’s Pursuit

In July 2009, I read Siri Mitchell’s historical novel, Love’s Pursuit. It was one of those books that leaves an indelible mark on your spirit when you finish. One of those books where the heroine gets so deep into your psyche, she lingers beyond the final page. It’s not a book for the faint of heart, but it is a book for the heart searching for truth.

Here’s my review from 2009:

As usual, Siri Mitchell writes a beautiful story, filled with detailed historical facts and potent theological arguements, all woven nicely into a compelling novel. Topics such as God’s revelation to man, grace & faith vs. works righteousness, and what a relationship with Christ looks like, are all braided into this story of a young woman trying to know God and herself.
I would make only one reservation to this story – not all Puritans were as rigid or self-righteous as many of those in this novel. The reputation Puritans have is sad in many ways and based upon some who were set on ‘earning’ salvation instead of revelling in God’s grace. Susannah Phillips, the protagonist in this novel, is struggling with this exact question. “What does God require of me?” I think down deep, we all struggle with these questions at some time or other. How can we get to God? What does God want me to do? How can I know him?
Susannah is confronted with a truth that shakes the foundation of her childhood faith and sends her thoughts spiraling into the frightening unknown. Even though her heart wonders about the spiritual ‘freedom’ of Captain Daniel Holcombe, his believes battle against everything she’s been brought up to understand…but his personality, tenderness, wit, and logic begin to weedle away at the certainty she attempts to project.
When Susannah begins to fall in love with this captain who is an outsider to her faith (or so she believes), and when she is betrothed to a man with uncertain character, what will she do? Will God’s love come from an unexpected place to rescue her or will she conform to the rules of her world?
This story entranced me…fantastic read.
REMEMBER to leave a comment about your favorite hero/heroine in Siri’s books or why you’d like to read one. A winner will be chosen to receive Siri’s newest novel, A Heart Most Worthy, and announced during the weekend post.
Good luck!