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Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter

I’m an avid Denise Hunter fan with my very favorite book of hers being The Convenient Groom, but in all honesty, almost every book I’ve read by this author has been such a fun, romantic read. What I’ve come to expect in a Denise Hunter novel is solid characters, a sprinkle of humor, a dash… Continue reading Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter

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Conference Tips with Denise Hunter

If you attended ACFW last year, you would have seen the coolest drummer EVER! Denise Hunter was part of the worship team, lead by Rachel Hauck. It was a wonderful experience of praise and worship, with a fabulous chorus of hundreds of Believers from all over the country and every denomination. I'm sure God LOVED… Continue reading Conference Tips with Denise Hunter

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Conference Tips Series

Starting next Tuesday, I'll be hosting a series about conference tips - straight from some of your favorite authors. Each have given 3 top things to remember to bring with you for your future Writers Conference -experience. So who's on the agenda for this coming week? Denise Hunter Missy Tippens Kaye Dacus Mary Connealy and....… Continue reading Conference Tips Series

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Are YOU Conference Ready?

Stop by for the next three weeks and get some conference tips from fabulous authors like: Denise Hunter Rachel Hauck Ruth Logan Herne Siri Mitchell Mary Connealy Kaye Dacus AND MORE...... Look for the weekend lineup on Saturday so you'll make sure to stop by for a quick note that will help prepare you for… Continue reading Are YOU Conference Ready?

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Emotional Hooks and Such – The Reader

You know it’s true. The heart of a good story is emotion. If we can’t evoke emotion in our readers, then there’s a really good chance that story isn’t going to be at the top of anyone’s reading list. Most people pick up a book because it strikes some emotional chord with them. An interest… Continue reading Emotional Hooks and Such – The Reader

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Daggling the Reader by a Cliff

One of the hallmarks of a great story is the ability to keep the reader engaged. Now, of course, fantastic characters and riveting plots are the main contributors to fantastic novels. Conflict is another thing. But something else to remember in the grand scheme of a story, is the element of cliffhanging. What is a… Continue reading Daggling the Reader by a Cliff

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A Kiss to Build a Scene On with Denise Hunter

A Touch. Lips to lips. Waiting, wanting, speaking wordless words. Ahh, what a caress. What a moment! What brings those moment to life. What ignites color from black and white print?  What heightens the pulse, shallows the breaths, and floods your skin with a flush of warmth. The senses. And who else could heighten our… Continue reading A Kiss to Build a Scene On with Denise Hunter

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Who’s Got Character?

What a better week to talk about 'characters' than the week we dress up as different ones. I am thrilled to announce the 'line up' for next weeks' "Who's Got Character?", where your favorite authors tell us their favorite heroes and heroines, AND the 'behind-the-scenes' making of those characters? To whet your creative interests, check… Continue reading Who’s Got Character?

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Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter

"No matter where you are or how long until we can be together, I'll keep searching for you." Little secrets, big secrets, and a 'boat load' of heart-stopping romance pumps through the pages of Denise Hunter's novel Seaside Letters - A Nantucket Love Story. Sabrina Kincaid carries around much more than a loaded tray of… Continue reading Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter