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Conference Tips with Denise Hunter

If you attended ACFW last year, you would have seen the coolest drummer EVER! Denise Hunter was part of the worship team, lead by Rachel Hauck. It was a wonderful experience of praise and worship, with a fabulous chorus of hundreds of Believers from all over the country and every denomination. I’m sure God LOVED it!!!

Okay so, let’s get to the point, right?

Known for her emotionally riveting novels of grace and romance, Denise Hunter has a consistent ability to break the hearts of believeable characters and then show how God mends them back together again. Her newest release, A Cowboy’s Touch, has received top reviews and the pleasure of being on the ACFW bookclub list.

So – what are Denise’s top THREE things to remember to bring to a writer’s conference??

1. Reasonable expectations. Focus on what you can control. Your pitch, your wardrobe, your attitude. It’s extremely rare to walk away from a conference with a new contract or an agent. The conference is the jumping off point not the destination.

 2. Patience. With yourself and other people. Spread grace around you like fairy dust, and be sure some lands on your own sweet head.
3. Chocolate. Your one-stop source for celebration and comfort.
Denise, those were great suggestsions – especially 2 & 3. Patience, grace, & chocolate! WOW, what a combo.
Learn more about Denise’s books at her website:
Stop in tomorrow to find out what Missy Tippens’ top 3 picks are.
17 days until ACFW!

6 thoughts on “Conference Tips with Denise Hunter”

  1. Since this will be my first writing conference ever, I am following your blog with great interest. Thanks for these tips (everyone who participates and Pepper). I hope to get to meet some or all of you at conference this year. I’ll be the one with chocolate on my face and a 3×5 in my hand reminding me to have reasonable expectations and tons of grace (for myself, not others).



    1. Ginger (great name – spicy 😉
      I hope these help. I’m looking forward to the advice myself. Hope to see you at the conference…we can compare chocolate faces 🙂


  2. I’m excited to attend this year (as poor Pepper’s ears have heard more than once. 😉 ) And YES, love what you said Denise about how conference is the jumping off point, not the destination, love that!


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