Swoony Saturdays – Tyler Hawk

Today we welcome Mikal Dawn to share her swoony hero, Tyler Hawk with us from her debut novel, Count Me In. If you are up for an adventure (the kind where you don’t leave your couch….) then pick up a copy of this book TODAY!


Who? Tyler Richmond Hawk

Where can we find this dreamboat? Count Me In by Mikal Dawn (released May, 2017)

Personality summary: Tyler is just…fun! He was a tight end in the NFL (playing for my favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, which puts his hero-scale off the charts in my books!) and now owns his own extreme outdoor adventure company. He’s a risk-taker through and through, pushing through a past that tried to keep him locked away in fear. His big heart wants others to experience the thrill of pushing past fear, including his new accountant, Allegra Spencer—a more fear-filled woman he’s never met. Tyler likes to push her out of her comfort zone, perhaps pushing a few of her buttons along the way….and maybe a push into his arms? Continue reading “Swoony Saturdays – Tyler Hawk”