Swoony Saturdays

Swoony Saturdays – Tyler Hawk

Today we welcome Mikal Dawn to share her swoony hero, Tyler Hawk with us from her debut novel, Count Me In. If you are up for an adventure (the kind where you don’t leave your couch….) then pick up a copy of this book TODAY!


Who? Tyler Richmond Hawk

Where can we find this dreamboat? Count Me In by Mikal Dawn (released May, 2017)

Personality summary: Tyler is just…fun! He was a tight end in the NFL (playing for my favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, which puts his hero-scale off the charts in my books!) and now owns his own extreme outdoor adventure company. He’s a risk-taker through and through, pushing through a past that tried to keep him locked away in fear. His big heart wants others to experience the thrill of pushing past fear, including his new accountant, Allegra Spencer—a more fear-filled woman he’s never met. Tyler likes to push her out of her comfort zone, perhaps pushing a few of her buttons along the way….and maybe a push into his arms?

how awesome is this!!!! Now all I need to find is a hawk to take with me!:
Yes he is gliding with a HAWK! Pinterest

What makes us swoon?

He loves to laugh (who doesn’t love a hero who can laugh?!)

Genuinely cares about people

Football player = muscles (sorry, but…)

Loves to banter


Supports and encourages his friends ❤

Adventurous and daring

Seahawks (need I say more?)

The Top 5 Rafting Rivers in the US. Rafted the New, now need to hit up at least the Colorado & the Gauley (WV).:

Kissing level of such swooniness: Tyler is between a 2 and 3 on the kissing scale. He looooves kissing Allegra but he might be a little shy about doing it in front of readers. 😉

Basic hero type: Tyler is a solid Mr. Tilney with a good dose of Mr. Knightly. He may laugh a lot (hello twinkling eyes!) and keep things light, but don’t let that fool you. He has a charm, strength, kindness, and faithfulness.

One of my fellow authors has claimed him as her official book boyfriend. BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER.

How can I meet this swoony mister? Count Me In is available in Kindle Unlimited for free and to purchase as a Kindle or paperback on Amazon HERE.

About the Author

 Mikal DawnMikal Dawn is an inspirational romance author, wedding enthusiast, and proud military wife. By day, she works as an administrative assistant for an international ministry organization, serves in her church’s library, runs her kids to football, Tae Kwon Do, and figure skating, and drinks lots of coffee. By night, she pulls her hair out, wrestling with characters and muttering under her breath as she attempts to write while dinner is burning. And drinks lots of coffee. When she isn’t writing about faith, fun, and forever, she is obsessively scouring Pinterest (with coffee in hand, of course!) for wedding ideas for her characters.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Mikal now lives in Nebraska with her husband, Mark, their three children, and one ferocious feline who can often be found taking over her Instagram account. Find Mikal on mikaldawn.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

About the Book

Count Me InAllegra Spencer has been living a careful life. Her safe job as an accountant is bookended by going to church and the gym. Okay, sometimes the gym. Fine. She goes to church. And the coffee shop. She avoids risk at all cost, preferring to stay safe in her cozy condo. Until her accounting firm goes belly up and she’s out of a job.

Tyler Hawk had a glorious career as a star NFL tight end. He retired on a high note and now lives a second dream of owning his own business and leading others on extreme outdoor adventures. But he needs help with his books–and his heart. When Allegra takes the job, sparks fly.

It’s a case of safety zone versus danger zone, and in their minds, never the two shall meet.

Kissing Levels & Hero Types

14 thoughts on “Swoony Saturdays – Tyler Hawk”

      1. Hello Pepper! Its Angie from uk here x How do i sign up forswoony saturdays haha x


      1. Lol!!! Glitter hair. I love that! Next time my hubby scowls at me for loving the distinguished greys that are appearing I’ll tell them they’re his glitter hairs! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Then I’ll run for it! 😂

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      2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Katie, you crack me UP!!!!!!! My husband is excited about the two he has growing in. Oy. LOL!


  1. When I saw your first photo of “Tyler” I thought, “that sure looks like Jordy Nelson.” So I clicked on the Pinterest link and discovered I was right. For readers who don’t know, Jordy is a real life football player with the Green Bay Packers. He played at Kansas State (my alma mater) before that. I don’t know if he’d like portraying a Seahawk!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL!!!! Artistic license. 😉 Honestly, what drew me to using Jordy Nelson as inspiration is his character and deep faith. Who wouldn’t want a hero with him as inspiration?! ❤ And this is a serious Seahawks fan talking. 😉


  2. This makes me even more excited to read Count Me In! I have it sitting on my Kindle app just waiting…. hopefully I will squeeze it in on my summer TBR!

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