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Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter

I’m an avid Denise Hunter fan with my very favorite book of hers being The Convenient Groom, but in all honesty, almost every book I’ve read by this author has been such a fun, romantic read. What I’ve come to expect in a Denise Hunter novel is solid characters, a sprinkle of humor, a dash… Continue reading Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter

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Great Scott!!! True to You by Becky Wade

Isn't this cover amazing? And a wonderful representation for the quality of story you'll find within the pages. I must choose to read authors like Becky Wade only to torture myself as a writer…in a dreamy (maybe envious) kind of way. True to You is a sweet story, and by using the word ‘sweet’ I… Continue reading Great Scott!!! True to You by Becky Wade

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God’s Story in The Thorn Keeper

Today is the release of my second novel, The Thorn Keeper, and I'm so thankful for the reviews that have come out so far. Here's why. The main focus for most of the reviews is not the history or the beautiful romance, but the amazing love of a rescuing God. Catherine Dougall made choices that… Continue reading God’s Story in The Thorn Keeper

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The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden

If you're in search of adventure, a compelling hero, a daring heroine, and an intense romance that pushes the edges of your heart, then Elizabeth Camben's newest book, The Lady of Bolton Hill  is for you. Sparks of all sorts fly between the charming and arrogant Daniel Tremain and the lovely and determined, Clara Endicott, but… Continue reading The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden