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Book Journeys – St. Louis

Named after the famed king of France, Louis IX, St. Louis is a glittering city on the Missouri River. Most notable for The Gateway Arch, it’s baseball team (Cardinals, in case you don’t know), and, in my opinion, its pizza!! Yum! St. Louis’ history included lots of paternal confusion First, it belonged to France, then… Continue reading Book Journeys – St. Louis

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Book Journeys – The Biltmore – Gardens

On this day, 119 years ago, George and Edith Vanderbilt married in a service in France. After their four-month long honeymoon, George brought his bride (called by many of the Appalachian natives ‘a princess’) back home to his estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. I can’t even imagine what Edith’s first thoughts… Continue reading Book Journeys – The Biltmore – Gardens

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Book Journeys – The Biltmore Series – Downstairs

Our last Book Journey gave an introduction to The Biltmore as a whole, so today, we’re going to take a little tour downstairs. I’ll stop before we get to the library because that’s going to be its own post 😉 But…let’s begin…with our approach. The house sits in a most lovely area. The three mile… Continue reading Book Journeys – The Biltmore Series – Downstairs

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Book Journeys – Tyntesfield

There are some places that just Need to be in a book! This gothic revival manor house is one that has found its way into many books as a model for its fictional counterpart. One of the authors whose book I’ve read most recently that used this beautiful estate as a muse is Carrie Turansky. In her… Continue reading Book Journeys – Tyntesfield