Burdened with Glorious Purpose?

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I love dressing in costume.
It’s a family thing. We all like it.
It’s fun stuff to “pretend” to be someone else that we may see as “cooler” or “more beautiful” or “more powerful” or…just weird 🙂
But just because I put on a cape or a funny hat doesn’t mean I forget who I am underneath the costume. 
In a world where lots of voices cry out to tell us who we “ought to be”, and show us pictures of a “better” or “more beautiful” way, I’m so grateful for a Truth that doesn’t change. A truth that doesn’t just say “whatever makes you feel better” or “whatever makes you happy”. Because, to be honest, happiness is fleeting, and if we based our happiness on what the “voices” of our time say, then it’s only going to last as long as the next fad or movie or advertisement. 
Such “happiness” is temporary and, in the end, not very satisfying because there will always be the “better” in that measurement system. 
So we need something secure.
 Something that can give us true identities when all the facades are pulled back.
And only one being has been around long enough to give us an “eternal” perspective against the changing “expectations” of centuries and even millenia.
So…who does God say we are?
Created beings, yes. So subordinate to Him, but also creatures created “in His image”!!! Handcrafted by God. Wow!!
In the creation story of Scripture, we read that God “said” and the world became filled with light, life, and structure. But, when it came to humans, “saying” wasn’t how God wanted to move forward.
He became much more personal in his details.
He said, “let us MAKE”
Make – handcrafted extra special.
Why is that so wonderful?
1. We’re not our own gods (even though we really try to be).
This means, we have a Creator who knows more than we do and we have a Creator who knows more than we do. (get it 😉 We are both deferential to His greater understanding and power, but we are also couched within his care, love, and greater good for His kids.
2. We are special in creation because of the image we bear. We have the ability to reason, think, forgive, restore, encourage, love, dream, imagine, create, and so many other things that, as a whole, are uniquely given to humans.
3. We were created with PURPOSE – out of the formlessness of pre-creation, God brought order and life…and all of it had purpose. But the pinnacle of his creation was humankind!!! We were made for a purpose and a reason. To flourish. 
But instead of being “burdened with glorious purpose” like Marvel’s Loki, we don’t have to feel the burden. Our purpose of glorifying God happens because Jesus made a way for us. Sure, as image-bearers we marred the “image” of God when Adam and Eve took their free will and sought to be their own gods. Sin entered the world, but our purpose remained. We were STILL image-bearers, but because we’d marred the image of God, another human would have to come to set things right. A “special” human. The God-Man, Jesus. And he was TRULY burdened with glorious purpose – a purpose he fulfilled without any trickery or deceit.
To restore our image to its right place so that we could flourish in this world as our souls are prepared for the next.
What a beautiful thing to remember as we plod along some days wondering “what is going on?”
If you haven’t been taken to Heaven yet, Christian, then God isn’t finished with you yet. He still has a glorious purpose for you and me. A plan that He will work out through us!


  1. Elsie Ogle

    A wonderful explanation of truth about us humans ,yet words of encouragement.
    You so remind me of your lovely Momther,Ginger.

    • Pepper Basham

      I’m super thankful to be her kid, Elsie 🙂

  2. Kira Rosol

    Beautifully said! And as a Marvel fan, I love how you wove in one of Loki’s best lines to shed some God given Truth on it!

    • Pepper Basham

      Marvel fan here too, Kira 🙂

  3. Andrette Herron

    This is so very good! I love we are not burdened even as we carry out His glorious purpose for our lives. I so appreciate your gift with words and how you share truth. Whether it be in your posts, comments, or fictional stories, truth shines through in very beautiful and relatable ways.

  4. Michelle Lunsford

    Love this good word of truth.


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