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I’ve heard people often say that writing is a solitary experience. And, I can imagine that before the internet, in many ways it could have been! There are some who may prefer the isolation (and that is TOTALLY fine – we all create differently), but I’ve found that I thrive on the interaction both outside my own head and inside it 🙂 For me, this wonderful interaction comes in two different forms:
  1. The marvelously supportive external group of authors and readers who cheer on me and my stories like the very best cheerleaders on the planet. There are so many amazing folks. From ones I’ve met online, to conferences, to in-person…and even those that started online and have become dear in-person friends. I’ve said this to my fabulous street team (The Pepper Shakers…they voted on their own name), I cannot imagine this writing journey without them!! The amount of encouragement, ideas, pick-me-ups, and, even being talked off figurative ledges at times (you know who you are), daily blesses and overwhelms me. It’s a remarkable byproduct of story creating and reaching out to folks beyond my little imaginary world. I have met SOOOO many wonderful people over the years!!!
    2. Unlike my fabulous flesh-and-blood encouragers (who don’t overcrowd their welcomes), my internal visitors sometimes DO. (Has anyone watched The Man Who Invented Christmas? It gives a glimpse of this very specific sort of madness). My mind is full of more imaginary friends than I can count. I know plenty of authors who are constantly mulling around 2, 3, ….10 (or more) stories at the same time, all with characters who are determined to make it out of our heads and onto the page. (And those characters can be quite bossy and insistent too).

    Have you enjoyed connecting with authors and/or other readers? What about this online ability to connect have you enjoyed most?

    In the spirit of celebration and gratitude, I’m sharing this wonderful GIVEAWAY!!! This particular prize is a fun one! FIVE prizes, to be exact. Check out the link below!!



  1. Brenda Murphree

    I never could get the giveaway to let me go to messenger. But it still put the check Mark ✅ by it on the giveaway. This is what showed up when I clicked on it.

    This dialog is not available on this device.

    • Pepper Basham

      Hi Brenda,
      I’ll check with the host and see if it went through.

      • Brenda Murphree

        Thank you!

  2. Joy Tiffany

    I’ve enjoyed connecting with authors and readers tremendously! It’s good to find our tribe! I’ve met some of the best people! I think the best part is that they’re people from around the globe – people I never would have been able to connect with otherwise.

    • Pepper Basham

      Totally agree! It’s amazing how people from everywhere find this connection. Just more proof how stories bring people together. No wonder Jesus liked using them so much 😉


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