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A Glimpse Into Christy’s World

Evidently, I’m sending out all the Christy-vibes. Several readers have shared how my newest release, My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge, reminds them of Catherine Marshall’s classic, Christy. Well, besides being a wonderful compliment, it’s also not surprising. Since Catherine Marshall wrote Christy based on her grandmother’s adventures as a school teacher in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in the early 1900s, it would make sense that my story in the Blue Ridge would have some similar themes. And I’m SO glad. I think all I’m missing is a lovingly disgruntled Scotsman!

35879889While doing the research for my book (which has a lot of family history sprinkled in – like Christy) I decided to visit the real world of Cutter Gap. It’s definitely NOT like you see it on the T.V. series that came out over 10 years ago (love the t.v series, btw). Here’s a little snapshot into what’s left of the ‘real’ Cutter Gap. The church is the original church that Catherine’s grandmother Lenora (aka Christy) taught in, though it’s been moved to a different location a few miles from the “Christy Mission”. Why? Because trying to get back into the place where Lenora really lived and worked was TOUGH. Narrow and steep mountain road that required a solid vehicle to climb. It gave me a real sense of the remoteness that Catherine Marshall describes so well in her book. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into Christy’s world…and Laurel’s.

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