The Greatest Showman – Review

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If you’re looking for a movie with  thought provoking depth, The Greatest Showman isn’t for you, but if you want to watch a movie that is optimistic, fun, exciting, and plays upon the trope of rags-to-riches…with panache, then you will enjoy this story based on the life of entrepreneur and showman, P.T. Barnum.

This movie does exactly what it advertises. Entertains.  I think it tries to capture the bigness of PT Barnum’s imagination by bringing that creativity,  charisma, and larger than life character, into the 21st-century.

It’s a magical adventure sprinkled with more fairy dust than reality, but oh, what a treat! The music, to my surprise, was more modern than historical, but I found myself enjoying most of the songs. They really set the stage (no pun intended) for the emotional power of the story.

The choreography? WOW! There were so many beautiful moments in the blending of song and movement that told their own stories I wanted to watch it again!

Hugh Jackman’s excitement about this movie comes through in every scene. The sweetness of a childhood romance that blooms to adulthood, the strength of family, the power of imagination, And the bonds of finding community are all elements that bring this musical to life.


With a stellar cast, a heart-warming storyline, a message about family, acceptance, and the love for what’s important, and the show-stopper tunes, this movie is a delightful step into the world of entertainment.


Is it predictable? Yes. Are their deeply developed characters? No. Are we left with a heart-stirring truth to ponder for the rest of eternity? Definitely not. But it was never touted as such a movie.

Show business entertains – and The Greatest Showman does just that. It’s a family friendly, energy-packed, sing-along adventure that will be worth another watch or two.


  1. andinewberry

    Hi Pepper, I don’t know that I thought it was predictable. It wasn’t a deep thought provoking movie. For me, it was Kristy Cambron’s book The Ringmaster’s Wife come to life. I definitely want to see it again!!

  2. sbmcmh

    I haven’t seen it but one of my daughters did and she’s been raving about it. Her recalling of the movie did remind me of Kristy Cambron’s book 🙂
    And she’s been playing the soundtrack off Spotify that even her older brother and her six year old sister are hooked on the songs!

  3. thepowerofwords2016

    Very well written, Pepper! You expressed my thoughts exactly. I saw this the day after Christmas and wished I could have remained in my seat and watched it again. The song and dance routine in the bar when he was at his low point, on the way back up, was one of my favorite parts. Pure, wholesome entertainment at its best!

  4. carylkane

    I’d love to go see this one! 🙂

  5. Tammy Konneker

    We have seen this now for the third time…..each time we just want to stay to see the next showing. We took our grandkids 13, 11 and 6 and they have been playing the soundtrack ever since. Each of our grandkids said it was the best movie they have ever seen. Watching our six year old granddaughter going around singing the children’s part is enough joy in itself


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