Super-Sized Joy. God-Sized Love

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

346.jpgLife is busy.

Believe me, I know this truth all too well.

Between being a mom to 5 awesome kids (one who is applying to COLLEGES right now), wife of a music minister, working as a speech-language pathologist, and writing books (3 coming in 2016), I sometimes feel like I’m in a constant tailspin.

The daily ‘bog’ of business brings a heaviness to it which can sometimes blur our vision and we overlook the smallest beauties.

The crowded stores and streets also crowd out our excitement to share family time with our loved ones. The pressure to find the perfect gift presses out the sweetness of memory-building.

The ‘bigness’ of the expectations minimize the greatest reason for this season.

Great things truly come in small packages. In fact, SUPER-SIZED JOY came in a small package. A baby.

If you need to feel crowded, crowd your mind with the glories of such a love as God’s gift to the world.

If you need to feel pressure, press upon your heart the sweetness of his grace to those who lived in darkness.

If you need great expectations? Well, you can’t get any greater thanJesus the joy of knowing the most amazing gift we could ever ask for comes in the shape of grace.

God’s promise fulfilled. The Rescuer is born. Messiah. King. Healer.


This is the reason for the season.

The hope of life, real life, through Jesus Christ.

Super-sized Joy.

God-sized Love.



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