Finding Faith and Focus in Friendship

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

AlleyCatPensacolaLife is filled with lots of people.

Some you are born with. Some who visit for a while and then are gone. Some who come to challenge and refine you. And some one who to stay, as constant influences and encouragement.

Through the development of a writing blog about 5 years ago, God has brought some of the most amazing women into my life. We all have different personalities, comes from different backgrounds, and have (sometimes) very different views on various theology, but God has bound us together in an amazingly beautiful way.

In the highly competitive profession of writing, we encourage each other to reach for our dreams. We pray for each other, weep with each other, and have fun together. We travel hundreds or thousands of miles to celebrate a baby’s impending birth!

Like we did last weekend!

alleycatpensacola3Seven Alleycats came to celebrate Alleycat, Ashley Clark’s coming baby – or ‘kitten’ as we refer to the babies born to alleycats. This will be our first official boy kitten 🙂

It’s was so sweet to share her joy in person and spend time encouraging each other in story and life.  I love how God uses all these ladies to bring different perspectives and joys into my life.

Life is an even more amazing journey with such sweet partners along the way.


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