Love at Any Cost by Julie Lessman

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loveatanycostI’m a Julie Lessman groupie!

So when her newest novel, Love at Any Cost came out, I was eager to get a hold of it – and with usual Lessman flare, I was not disappointed. Julie introduces us to the spunky McClares, in particular the heroine, Cassie McClare – a penniless heriess who travels to San Francisco with a broken heart and a chip on her shoulder the size of her homestate of Texas.

Jamie McKenna, the rogue-acting, but sweet-hearted hero gets into Cassie,s line of fire and sparks fly – particularly around a game of pool (which is worth reading…and rereading….and….)

Jamie McKenna is a seeker – not just a seeker of a way to help his little sister, or a way to win Cassie’s heart, but he’s a seeker of truth. Cassie’s entrance into his life not only shocks his system with a few fiery kisses, but nudges his heart to reconsider his idea about what God’s love really means.

With Julie’s wonderful humor, addictive romantic tension, and fabulously animated dialogue, you can’t go wrong taking a trip to San Francisco with this Lessman novel.

And might I just add – the undercurrent of a secondary romance is breathtaking. Cait and Logan’s story carries fabulous tension and a tempting promise for more…

I just LOVE how she does that! Now, to figure out how I can write like Julie when I grow up 🙂

To learn more about Julie’s excellent novels, check out her website at


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