Will You Still Love Me if I Pee My Pants?

by | Apr 13, 2012 | Fiction Book Reviews | 1 comment

For the past two weeks my five year old daughter, Phoebe, has been worried.


She’s had a few ‘potty’ accidents at school and it’s developed into a fear.

I’ve had talks with her. We’ve prayed about it. She’s talked and cried about it. And finally….two days ago, we had a breakthrough. It started like this:

We were walking into her preschool and she looked up at me, her big brown eyes so sad, her little lip pouting.

“Mommy, what if I pee my pants today?”

“Will it be an accident,” I asked in response.
She nodded, her pouty lip pushing out a little further.

“Then you’ll change your clothes and try again tomorrow.”

“But Mommy, will you still love me if I pee my pants?”

My heart ached at her question. How could she even think such a thing? I’d never given her any indiciation that my feelings would change for her. I’d only tried to encourage her. Kept her aware of her body when she started doing the ‘pee pee dance’. And now, she questioned my love? Poor thing.

“What do you think, Phebes? Do you think I’ll still love you?”

She nodded.
“That’s right. Not only I will love you, but God will love you even more. Anyway and always.”

It was in that moment, when her clouded countenance brightened, that God shocked me with His truth for MY life.

Much like Phoebe, I’d allowed worries, frustrations…well, let’s just call them what they are – I’d let FEAR winkle it’s way into my heart. Struggles at work, disappointments, writing discouragements – all those things had built up into a knot of insecurity in my heart.

All of those worries not only caused sleepless nights and teary eyes, but they derailed me from the truth. The ONE truth that grounds me more than any other.


It’s amazing that when we’re secure in his love, when we really know how closely He holds us and when we really revel in the wonder of his death-crushing grace for us, those fears become less distracting.

Will God still love me if……?

Are you His Kid? Then the answer is YES!

You can NEVER out wrong His rightness. Ever!

You can NEVER out-fail his grace.

You can NEVER disappoint Him beyond what his love will cover.


He will love us, even if…..

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  1. Susan Mason

    Aw, Pepper! You are such a good mom! The worries that little ones have are so HUGE to them. Thank goodness we have wise mothers like you to dispel their fears!



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