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In Too Deep with Mary Connealy

Well, she’s done it again!

Mary Connealy has created a fantastic story filled with humor, sass, intrigue, and lots of near-death experiences – but this time she included so many more kisses. Wooohooo!!! Loved the new twist. I’ve always liked sweet and sour 🙂

So the sweet? Audra Gill, Ethan Kincaid, and two adorable babies…oh yeah, Seth Kincaid is sweet too (just crazy)

The sour? A dark cavern that houses a secret scar for the Kincaid brothers, particularly Ethan – and a bunch of outlaws who plan to kidnap Audra’s girls to black mail her.

And the storyline?

In Too Deep is the second book in the Kincaid Brides series. Ethan Kincaid keeps everyone at arms length by donning a smile and shrugging off responsibility….until he’s forced to marry newly widowed Audra Gill.  Despite his attempts to ignore his growing feelings for his sweet (yet sassy) wife, he begins to realize that he does care – and that terrifies him as much as his childhood cavern of lifelong scars. Caring means possible pain. But Audra and her two little girls wiggle their way into his heart and when their lives are threatened by a bunch of money-hungry outlaws, his fears might just be realized. Will he be able to overcome his fears to save his new family or will the pain of the past paralyze him?

My two cents:

Oh. My. Goodness! In my opinion Ethan Kincaid is one of hte most beautiful characters Mary has ever written – for this reason: His growth is so gradual, subtle, and very real. There’s a unique quality about the way she writes him that helps the reader push aside his superficial charm and fall for the vulnerable man underneath. Despite his insistence on ‘not caring’, he cares deeply for people – so deeply that he’s carried around the weight of a childhood accident his entire life. The gradual self-awareness Ethan shows is a beautiful indicator of how love battles against our insecurities to build our confidence. Mary allows the reader to see the depth of Ethan’s care before Ethan (himself) even realizes it.

Audra’s kindness and directness draw him from his perch of uncertainty. It’s a beautiful example of how we grow through the love shown to us. Love is wonderful plant food for the heart. 🙂

And as I mentioned before, Mary gets much more liberal with the kissing scenes. YAY! I’m quite fond of kissing 🙂

Go, Mary! And I can’t WAIT to find out what happens to crazy Seth- the third Kincaid brother.

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3 thoughts on “In Too Deep with Mary Connealy”

  1. Good review, I have read book #1 and look forward to this one about Ethan, I found your site from Mary’s on FB.
    thanks for sharing about this book, Mary does write some good stories…


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