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The famous crooner, Bing Crosby, brought this song into popularity in 1943 – a PERFECT time for the introduction of a song about someone far away dreaming of coming home.

World War II was taking place – and the song was originally written from that perspective, a soldier ‘dreaming’ of coming home for Christmas.

It has since become a Christmas standard, whether it is sung by Brad Paisley, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Doris Day, or Harry Connick, Jr.

But the history behind the song makes this author’s choice all the more poignant.

I left home when I was 19 and joined the Army. Once you leave, getting back home can be difficult if not impossible. Every single time I hear “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” I’m brought to tears. I especially love the Josh Groban version.

 Tina Radcliffe

What a thought? And what a wonderful rendition of a famous classic! It certainly brings back the reason the original song was written. Thanks for sharing, Tina.

AND stay tuned for next week:

Ruth Logan Herne, Laura Frantz, Liz Curtis Higgs, Jamie Carie, Missy Tippens, Julie Lessman and so many more are stopping by to share their favorite Christmas Songs.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. janet dean

    Tina, I love Elvis Presley’s rendition of I’ll be Home for Christmas. I haven’t heard Josh Grobin sing it but know he’d do a fantastic job. But no matter who sings this song, the message stirs my heart.

  2. ruth logan herne

    Tina, you’ve got a heart!!!!! Who knew???? 😉

    Okay, kidding aside, I think that’s the kind of song=experience that makes it a must/must. You cannot watch a military video with that song and not get teared-up if you have a heart and soul… Just a perfect summation.

    But anyplace with you is HOME, Teenster.

    And you could always come back to WNY and play with me. You know we’d have a ball.

    I’m just sayin’.

  3. Tina Radcliffe

    Smarty pants. I watched this like six times this week alone.


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