Love on the Line with Deeanne Gist

by | Oct 17, 2011 | Christian authors, Fiction Book Reviews | 4 comments

Deeanne Gist’s newest novel, Love on the Line, is definitely a novel worth ringing home about. With rich historical detail, humor, suspense, and enough romantic tension to have all sorts of bells ringing, this story captures the essence of the changes during the turn-of-the century that affected the changing relationships between men and women.

Georgie Gail isn’t a typical Victorian gal. Besides having an occupation outside of the family, she’s strong-willed, smart, and a little eccentric (which is another reason she’s likeable). While she’s busy keeping the phone lines going in Washington County, TX and bird-watching on the side, an unlikely hero slips into her life.

Texas Ranger Lucious Landrum has a score to settle with the notorious train robber, Frank Comer, but the outlaw has evaded all of Lucious’ attempts to catch him. Assigned to go undercover as a telephone repairman, Lucious (aka Luke Palmer) has to work in close quarters with the sassy telephone operator. Sparks of all sorts fly between them igniting romance, humor, and intrigue that ends up shedding light not only on the truth behind Frank Comer, but the truth about what real love means.

From hat-making to sparkin’ to pistol-firing lessons and a little bit of everything else in between, Love on the Line is the perfect call for any romance reader.

There were moments I wanted to laugh out loud – pistol-lessons, luscious…

There were moments my heart squeezed from the tension – tweezers.

There were moments my heart ached for them both – betrayal & siblings

And other moments I wanted to sigh from the tenderness – phone calls, yellow dresses, & ice cream

It’s such a sweet story as only Dee can write. Maid to Match is still my all-time favorite of hers, but Love on the Line will definitely not disappoint. Fabulous & fun story!

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  1. Jeanette Levellie

    It sounds perfect, Pepper! I love romance sprinkled with humor. Thanks for the review,

    • Pepper

      Oh Jeanette,
      It was such a fun story!! I’m a ‘romance sprinkled with humor’ person too and Dee can DEFINITELY write it 🙂

  2. Susan Mason

    I agree, Pepper! Maid to Match was SO GOOD! Loved that book. And I’m sure I’ll love this one, too! Thanks for the great review!


  3. brendabh

    I loved Maid to Match and looking forward to reading Love on the Line. Great review.


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