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Conference Tips with Julie Lessman

With her brand new release, A Heart Revealed, and her upcoming conference workshop entitled A Kiss is NOT just a Kiss, Julie Lessman is as hot as ever 😉 Have you seen her latest pictures! Wowzers. Keith is one lucky man 🙂

I just finished reading A Heart Revealed  and it was beautiful. The slow spiritual arc of Julie’s characters is always well-done and reveals the heart of her fiction. (And then, of course, she adds the ‘heat’ of her fiction 😉  Oooh, sounds good. Julie Lessman, fiction with heart and heat 🙂 A new tagline, Jules?

Who better to start off this week with a bit of excitement and conference tips than Julie Lessman herself?

I’m a BIG Lessman fan because she is excellent at crafting novels that not only inspire the passion between a man and a woman, but a deeper passion for Jesus. Her fiction is called ‘edgy’, but I like life on the edge – so the temperature in her books suit me JUST fine! 🙂

To me, it’s sexual tension with class, heat without the bodice ripping, and passion with purity.

So what are The Kissing Queen’s tips for conference?

1.) Eye makeup remover … for all the times I cry during Rachel’s incredible worship, in Brandilyn’s prayer room and up in my room when I’m just feeling lonely (a bit of a joke, but not really).
2.) Laptop to catch up on e-mails, blog/interview/giveaways that always go on in Sept. due to book release.
3.) I-phone programmed with all the phone numbers of friends I am dying to see, especially the Seekers.
Thanks for the opportunity to respond, Pep. Big hugs coming your way in St. Loo.
Always my pleasure, Julie – and I’ll take all the hugs you want to send my way.
You can find out more about Julie’s books on her website –
And if you’re headed to St. Louis next week, make sure you stop in on her workshop with author, Ruth Axtell Morren.
Bring a fan.

16 thoughts on “Conference Tips with Julie Lessman”

    1. CASE … right back at ya, my friend, because I have been waiting to meet (and hug) you for a LONG time!! Had the pleasure of meeting Pep last year, so it will be SO great to see her again too. Aren’t we going to have fun???



    1. LOL, thanks, Myra — I’m telling you the gal pulled a rabbit out of the hat, didn’t she??? What’s REALLY scary now is when people see me in person and I DON’T look like that … YIKES!! Where’s Photoshop when you need it … 🙂

      Can’t wait to see, my friend. 🙂



  1. PEP!!! I could have SWORN I left a comment on this blog last night, but it’s not here, so I’m starting to scare myself (not a first, I assure you!!).

    Thank you for your kind words about AHR, my friend, and I DO like that tag line — fiction with heart and heat … 🙂

    Can’t wait to hug on you!!



  2. “A Kiss is NOT just a Kiss”. Whoa. Sounds awesome…and SO Julie. I’m a bit envious of all you ladies who get to hear her in person. Hope you all have a wonderful time. 🙂


    1. ANG!!! Don’t be envious, sweetie — those poor slobs are going to have to listen to me sing. Yep, you heard right, and it won’t be pretty … 🙂

      Thanks for coming by, my sweet friend, and I sure wish you were going to be there. I’ve got a big hug LONG overdue …



  3. Angi,
    We’ll be having live updates from Friday-Sunday on The Writers Alley. Hopefully some good pictures too.
    Julie, didn’t you say there was going to be demonstrations? 😉


  4. Pep … Keith will be there setting up my Power Point, but he wants to hightail it out of there before people arrive, but I told him I need him to stay close in case the PP gives us problems, so I am hoping he will. But he doesn’t WANT to!! 🙂 I think he’s afraid I will embarrass him, which is pretty likely … 🙂

    And DEFINITELY no demos!! 🙂 This was actually a sore point early in our marriage because he’s very affectionate when we’re alone (holds my hand in the car, frequent kisses around the house, etc.), but I wanted him to SHOW the world how much he loved me with PDA because I never got a lot of love as a kid, but the man did NOT want to be on display. Sigh.



    1. Just teasin’. I don’t think I could handle live demos. Whew…your books are detailed enough!! 🙂
      Keith is safe.
      At least from us.
      Well, we’ll just let you handle that one, Jules 🙂


  5. Julie, I’m so late to your party, but I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without telling the world I GET TO BE JULIE’S ROOMMATE at conference. The good Lord has blessed me…now I’ll find out all her secrets of making a good romance, GREAT!

    Pepper, what fun is this! I love your “questions” and then reading all the responses.


    1. LOL, Audra … do you realize by saying that that now you have the sympathies and condolences of countless people??? You have NO idea what’s in store for you, do you, you sweet thing??? 🙂

      CANNOT WAIT to spend time with you, my friend!



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