A Week Review with Ruth Logan Herne – Winters End

by | May 22, 2011 | Fiction Book Reviews, inspirational fiction | 7 comments

I just love Ruth Logan Herne.

Sure, I enjoy her books – they are filled with small-town romance, humor, fun family, real conflict, super-sweet kisses…

but I just have to say, I love Ruthy, because she’s Ruthy. She’s actually my adopted writing mother – if she’ll claim me, that is.

This week I’m featuring Ruthy’s books and we’ll start with her debut novel, Winters End. Leave a comment this week and you’ll be in the running for a Ruthy book or your choice!

So, let’s take a peek at Winters End

What is one of the best ways to welcome in this lovely spring weather? Read Winter’s End by debut author, Ruth Logan Herne.
Simply put, it is one of the BEST Love Inspired novels I’ve ever read. Grit, humor, romance, and characters that stick to your memory like the scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
This story keeps you guessing about a happy ending all the way to the final chapter.
Filled with wonderful emotion, heartwrenching wounds, and a surprising twist, Winter’s End follows the journey of two souls who will not be complete without facing the unforgiveness and fears of their pasts – and trusting in a Savior who mends broken hearts.

A Bit About the Story:
Kayla Doherty faces her job as a hospice nurse with determination and hope, unfortunately her ‘hope’ doesn’t seem to hold out for Marc DeHollander’s surly personality. Marc sees Kayla’s presence in his life as a tangible sign of his father’s disintegrating health, but both Kayla and Marc need a good dose of a miracle. Not so much in the healing of Marc’s father, but in the healing of their hearts.

Ruthy’s personality, complete with her fantastic wit, shines in this book. A definite must-read that will both break and warm your heart.

Check out Ruthy’s site at www.ruthloganherne.com


  1. KC Frantzen


    Can I be your writing sister then? 🙂

    Very much enjoyed Winter’s End and looking forward to reading more of Ruthy’s work.

  2. Jackie Smith

    I love her, too…and only know her through Seekers and her books!!! I am currently reading Winter’s End and loving it; can’t put it down! I would love to be entered to win a Ruthy book. Thanks!

  3. Tracy Smith

    This sounds like a book and author that I would really like to read more of. Thank you for having this giveaway. Please enter me.

    countrysunset40 (at) aol dot com

  4. Pam Kellogg

    Winter’s End sounds like a book I’d enjoy reading. It has such a lovely cover; it makes me want to know the people who live there. Please enter me to win one of Ruthy’s books.


    • pepperbasham

      Oh Pam, you’re in the drawing.

  5. karenk

    i, too, am a ‘fan’ of ruth’s….i enjoy visiting her at ‘seekerville’

    • pepperbasham

      She’s hilarious, Karen.


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