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A Week Review with Siri Mitchell – A Heart Most Worthy

Siri’s newest novel, A Heart Most Worthy, still holds the same amazing story we’re used to from the award winning author, but there’s a twist. It’s written in 3rd person omniscent. You get to be in EVERYONE’s heads – including the three main characters.

It’s about three women, three romances, and three opportunities. It’s about friendship. It’s also about a luxious culture and a world described in such lucid detail, it leaves one breathless – much like the men in this story.

Whew. Lovely. Particularly Raefello. And Billy. Wow!

Even Dr. Mauro 😉 I have so much to learn from you, Siri. Your writing is SUPERB!

And the wonderful amusement, suspense, and beautiful wonder of a world a century away, filled with the opulence and eloquence of the Italian culture! Oh my, Siri – what a masterful work!

Thank you for sharing it with me.

Check out tomorrow’s post to see who I get to share this fascinating book with. Who will win it? Leave a comment about one of Siri’s books and you are in the drawing!

6 thoughts on “A Week Review with Siri Mitchell – A Heart Most Worthy”

  1. I’ve read several other reviews of this book, including one by someone who was bothered by the 3rd person omniscent writing. I read an excerpt and liked this style. It sounded like a fascinating book. I would very much love to win it. Thanks for featuring Siri’s books this week and for giving away a copy of A Heart Most Worthy.


  2. I have not read any of Siri’s books, but have always wanted to! Please enter me in this drawing! Thanks!
    I noted on Seekervile about your BIG WIN and have tried to find your blog to say CONGRATS!!! Happy for you! I just noted your address on Journal Jots. I am now subscribed!


    1. Jackie
      Thanks for the congrats. I’m still shocked….and frantically working on my YA.
      Thanks for the subscription too. I LOVE sharing GREAT book ideas 🙂


  3. i just picked up siri’s novel ‘something beyond the sky’ i’m looking forward to reading it. i enjoyed your posting on siri’s latest masterpiece, pepper 🙂


    1. Karen,
      Something Beyond the Sky is great – but it CANNOT beat A HEART MOST WORTHY!!


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