A Week Review with Siri Mitchell – A Heart Most Worthy

by | May 20, 2011 | Fiction Book Reviews | 6 comments

Siri’s newest novel, A Heart Most Worthy, still holds the same amazing story we’re used to from the award winning author, but there’s a twist. It’s written in 3rd person omniscent. You get to be in EVERYONE’s heads – including the three main characters.

It’s about three women, three romances, and three opportunities. It’s about friendship. It’s also about a luxious culture and a world described in such lucid detail, it leaves one breathless – much like the men in this story.

Whew. Lovely. Particularly Raefello. And Billy. Wow!

Even Dr. Mauro 😉 I have so much to learn from you, Siri. Your writing is SUPERB!

And the wonderful amusement, suspense, and beautiful wonder of a world a century away, filled with the opulence and eloquence of the Italian culture! Oh my, Siri – what a masterful work!

Thank you for sharing it with me.

Check out tomorrow’s post to see who I get to share this fascinating book with. Who will win it? Leave a comment about one of Siri’s books and you are in the drawing!


  1. Linda

    I haven’t read a book by Siri yet, but Love’s Pursuit has such a beautiful cover that speaks on so many different levels.

  2. Pam Kellogg

    I’ve read several other reviews of this book, including one by someone who was bothered by the 3rd person omniscent writing. I read an excerpt and liked this style. It sounded like a fascinating book. I would very much love to win it. Thanks for featuring Siri’s books this week and for giving away a copy of A Heart Most Worthy.

  3. Jackie Smith

    I have not read any of Siri’s books, but have always wanted to! Please enter me in this drawing! Thanks!
    I noted on Seekervile about your BIG WIN and have tried to find your blog to say CONGRATS!!! Happy for you! I just noted your address on Journal Jots. I am now subscribed!

    • Pepper

      Thanks for the congrats. I’m still shocked….and frantically working on my YA.
      Thanks for the subscription too. I LOVE sharing GREAT book ideas 🙂

  4. karenk

    i just picked up siri’s novel ‘something beyond the sky’ i’m looking forward to reading it. i enjoyed your posting on siri’s latest masterpiece, pepper 🙂

    • Pepper

      Something Beyond the Sky is great – but it CANNOT beat A HEART MOST WORTHY!!


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