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I started reading Siri Mitchell’s books in 2008 with Kissing Adrien. Since I reposted my review of this wonderful story in April, I decided to start off with a different contemp novel of Siri’s – but let me tell you, if you get a chance to read Kissing Adrien – DO IT!

Siri’s books are unique, lovely, and filled with lots of wonderful nuggets that make you want to go back and reread the story again and again. I’m reading A Heart Most Worthy (her newest novel) right now.

I had the honor of meeting Siri at the 2010 ACFW Convention in Indianapolis and she’s a wonderful lady – one of  quiet, gracious, serene sorts of folks (whether she agrees with me or not 😉 It’s been a pleasure to follow her career from contemp to historical – and what fabulous reads!!!

So this week, we’re going to look at 5 of Siri’s MANY novels – mostly historicals. To shake things up a bit, though, I want to take time today to revisit my January 2009 review of her contemp novel, The Cubicle Next Door.

Check this out:

Jackie Harrison used to like her job. It was perfect for her…peaceful, organized, and all about predictable computers, with no interference from the outside world except an occasional officer in need of technical support, but then Joe showed up. Joe is the new history instructor at the Air Force Academy and Jackie’s new cubicle mate. Worst of all, he’s friendly, funny, gregarious, and a pilot.  Out of pure frustration, Jackie begins to post her thoughts, struggles, and cries for help on her own blog entitled The Cubicle Next Door.

Slowly, as Joe’s disarming personality begins to unwind Jackie’s tightly wrapped heart, her blog becomes the outward evidence of an inward change. Jackie never expected her blog to be featured on T.V., or for Joe to become a habitual reader of it, or for her well-planned life to become her worst nightmare and greatest dream all wrapped up into one. The question is, will Jackie be able to move beyond her fears and seize her neighbor or will her past paralize her from accepting love from next door.

Siri Mitchell’s style is fun, interesting, and light-hearted with moments of deep reflection. Her heros are fantastic. This book is a good read, but can’t compete with my personal favorite, Kissing Adrien. I ended up rooting for Jackie, but it took me a while to really like her character, perhaps because she is so different from my own personality. Jackie’s grandmother and friends are a hilarious addition to the list of likeable characters. If you’ve ever read Siri Mitchell and enjoyed her work, you’ll enjoy this one.

Oh my, doesn’t that sound like fun?!?

To learn more about all of Siri’s novels, visit her website at www.sirimitchell.com


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