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Love at First Thought with Margaret Brownley

Well, Margaret Brownley already knows this, but I’ll just share it again.

I absolutely loved all the kissin’ that took place in her novel, A Suitor for Jenny. Love it. And it had such a great mix of humor and conflict (with nicely placed smooches inbetween), I could help but enjoy the read.

Her first inspirational novel, A Lady Like Sarah, has been my FAVORITE of her novels so far, but as far as lip locking action, A Suitor for Jenny is the winner of the two.

Both books are fabulous fun to read.

If you want to get an idea, check out my reviews here:

A Lady Like Sarah

A Suitor for Jenny

Well, Margaret is going to share some inspiration for you.

Years ago I cut a picture from a magazine of a bride hanging upside down from a tree branch. She didn’t seem to care that her hair was mussed, her dress dirty or even that the groom and guests and, heaven forbid, her mother might be panicked.  Who was she?  I wondered.  What was going through her mind?  Who was she marrying?  Love at first thought?  Not exactly, but one day the muse kicked in and I finally had my answers.

Her name is Lucy Fairbanks and you’ll meet her in my June 2011 release A Vision of Lucy.  Lucy is a photographer and will do anything to get the perfect photograph. To that end she climbs trees, jumps fences and falls onto a run-away stage.  She also learns the hard way to never, never ask an outlaw if you can shoot him—whether with a camera or a gun.  As for hanging from a tree, you’ll have to read the book to know how that turns out.

Woohoo, Margaret, I cannot wait to find out more about Lucy.

Thanks for sharing this with us today.

Inspiration from “Beginnings”

Psalm 111: 9-10

He provided redemption for his people;
   he ordained his covenant forever—
   holy and awesome is his name.

 10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
   all who follow his precepts have good understanding.
   To him belongs eternal praise.

I heard someone say once “Knowledge may be the right thought, but wisdom is having both the right thought and the right action.”

True wisdom is all based on our starting point, and the best beginning is in the Creator. Why? Because we only see a very small puzzle piece of a very large picture. Our lives are minute segments on a grand palate of eternity, so trusting only in our own finite perspective may seem a bit…foolish?

God Word is a guide of GBR – God’s Best rules. If we trust, respect, and honor our heavenly Father, we try to obey His Word.

Do we fail? Sure, and that’s why we need Jesus, but for the most part God’s ‘rules’ set up a guideline for our safety. His guide for us reigns in the, otherwise, chaos of the world.

We act wisely when we put our trust, confidence, and honor in God by putting it into practice. Doing something.

The ‘beginning’ of wisdom is the recognition and acceptance that God knows best.

Not always easy, but the road that leads to Him is worth the heartaches along the way, because there is a guaranteed ‘happy ending’.

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6 thoughts on “Love at First Thought with Margaret Brownley”

  1. I loved A Suitor for Jenny. What a fun read. And A Vision of Lucy sounds great. I look forward to reading it–and finding out if she really does hang upside down from a tree. =)


  2. Hi Margaret & Pepper,

    Another author I have to read now!! Your stories sound great. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us. Amazing how a picture or a newspaper clip can have us dreaming up a whole book!



  3. Hi Pepper–you’re the best.
    Hi Keli, thank you for stopping by. Jenny thanks you, too!
    Sue, you just never know about the muse–it can show up anywhere, anytime. I tell my friends to watch what they say and do around me because they might just end up in my book


  4. I read “A Lady Like Sarah” and really liked it. I first saw the book trailer and the girl reading the book in the stage coach reminded me of my daughter Sarah, so I knew I had to read the book. “A Suitor for Jenny” sounds equally good. Thanks for writing books that are fun to read but yet have a strong faith element.


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