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Okay – I love announcing winners, but also hate it, because not EVERYONE can win.

Of course, SOME people win much more than their fair share, no names mentioned (SHERRINDA!!!)

But for last week, let’s celebrate with our two winners.

Barb won Janet Dean’s novel, The Substitute Bride.

Barb, if you’ll send me your snail mail to pepperbasham(at)yahoo(dot)com – I’ll get the info to Janet.

Julie’s newest novel, A Hope Undaunted, goes to …. Sherrinda.

I know, I still can’t believe it. That’s 6 books she’s won from Julie in about two years. Insane – but true.

Don’t lose heart though.

Tomorrow, Myra Johnson visits, with a chance to win her novel, Where the Dogwoods Bloom.

and on Friday, Jamie Carie is here with a chance to win her new ‘wintry’ release, The Snowflake. A lovely story.

Stop by and visit – but also visit Sherrinda’s blog and tell her that she can’t enter anymore Julie Lessman contests, okay? Tell her I sent you 🙂 http://sherrindak.blogspot.com


  1. Casey

    Sheesh. How many Julie books does one woman need?? And I can’t believe I missed Julie’s excerpt. Gotta go check it out now, there just isn’t enough time in a day.

  2. Sarah Forgrave

    Wow, Sherrinda needs to go to Vegas…fast. I admit I’m jealous but oh-so-happy for her!

  3. Sherrinda

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt so guilty and so excited at the same time before. Seriously…I should never put my name in again. EVER.

    I really think this is my 5th book. I won all three on one blog and her first book on another blog. So this one makes 5. Surely there is some reason I’m winning them. I need to spice up my love life? I need to learn to write breathtaking scenes? Everything has a purpose, right? If it will make everyone feel better, I will purchase a copy and give it away when I review the book. How’s that?

    BTW.. I don’t gamble, though I sure could use some winnings to pay off some bills. 😉


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