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by | Sep 24, 2010 | Fiction Book Reviews | 4 comments

Alright, two lovely ladies from Seekerville to the right. Janet Dean and Myra Johnson. Absolutely SWEET!! I had a great time getting the chance to know them better, and as I’ve noticed on their blog at Seekerville, they both are wonderful encouragers. That seems to be a trait of all those Seekers over there. Must be why I like them so much 🙂

Next is a pic with me, Audra Harders (Seeker) and newbie writer, Angie Dickens. Angie was there for the day and such a sweetie – her one sheet was FABULOUS!!! Before the end of the day, I found out that an agent had asked to see more of her work. Let us know what happens with that, Angie. Congrats.

Audra was WONDERFUL!!!! I can’t tell you how much she just took me under her wing and showered me with God’s grace. Even prayed with me before my editor meetings. Thank you, Audra. I will NOT forget – and I’m busily working on those proposals for the editors. Wanna read? 😉

Oh my goodness, author Patti Lacy was So. Much. Fun. She just welcomed me into her friendship like she’d known me forever. See that hug! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. A real hug. Another fantastic encourager and so funny.

The Genesis coordinator and author, Camy Tang, is pictured here between me and Winter Peck. So – Between Winter and Pepper. Two seasons. LOL

Sorry, I crack myself up sometimes.

At least our names make for some very good character names. Winter, I’m stealing your name for a book – just so you know. Think I’ll name all four sisters after the seasons 😉


  1. Sherrinda

    Nooooooo Pepper!!!! I’m naming my sister sagas after the seasons!!!!! lol How funny that we would both think of that! Actually, it’s probably already been done before. 😉

    I just love your pictures of ACFW conference. Your time there was incredible!

  2. pepper

    Either way, Sherrinda – we could have two takes on the seaons 😉
    Autumn, Spring, Summer….or
    Pepper, Nutmeg, Garlic.

    It was a wonderful time.
    HEY – NEWS
    I have a new song!!! Wanna hear?

  3. Angie Dicken

    Hi Pepper! You are so sweet! You and Patti made such a difference in my one day at the conference! Thanks for being so open and friendly! I am following your blog. You are such an inspiration!!

    • pepperbasham

      SO GREAT to see you here. So how are things going in the aftermath of the conference? I would LOVE to chat with you more.
      email me,


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