Masquerade by Nancy Moser

by | Aug 25, 2010 | Christian authors, Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

With her usual ability to develop deep, meaningful characters, Nancy Moser has written a beautiful story of switched identities during America’s Guilded Age.

Join a journey experienced by two very different people, British socialite, Charlotte Gleason and her maid, Dora. With a Prince and the Pauper twist, these women change places on the ship to America and begin a heart-breaking and heart-warming adventure into worlds they’d never known. Ironically, to discover who they really are, they must switch places 🙂

Another well done novel by Nancy Moser. I’m still aching to read her novel, How Do I Love Thee? It’s on my wish list.

To learn more about books by Nancy Moser, check out her website at

This book was provided by The Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and happily review by me. 🙂


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