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Romance by the Book by Myra Johnson

Oh, I just love the warm, tingly feeling of finishing a lovely book. Don’t you? As you know, I’m a big time Seeker fan and just finish Myra Johnson’s novel Romance By the Book.

Her hero, Parker Travis, is adorable and insecure about his romantic abilities, but boy does he pull out the charm when he meets swim instructor Sailor Kern. Unfortunately, Sailor is infatuated with a man who really doesn’t exist – Chandler Michaels, the author of Sailor’s favorite romance books. But the Chandler on the back of the books isn’t quite the same as the man she’s agreed to assist in town during his book tour. Will she fall under the spell of the man of her dreams? Or will she realize the difference between true love and fictional love before it’s too late?

Thanks for sharing this book with me, Myra. What a great addition to the Heartsong Presents collection.

To learn more about Myra’s books, visit her site at

7 thoughts on “Romance by the Book by Myra Johnson”

  1. I agree with Julie above. I love everything about this book. Can’t wait to read. Thanks for introducing me to Myra.


  2. Jules, Kallie, and Case,
    It was such a fun book to read. Myra was so sweet to send it to me with her beautiful signature inside. Made me feel super special.
    One of the best Hearstong Presents I’ve read.


  3. Pepper, you ARE special!!! Thanks so much for mentioning my book on your blog! And thanks to everyone for the sweet comments! It’s been such a delight to see the wonderful reception this story has received so far.


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