A Kiss to Build a SCENE On Lineup

by | Feb 27, 2010 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

Has anyone had too much kissing yet? I mean really? Is there such a thing as too much. Well, all five of my kids would give a resonding ‘AMEN” to that, but, hey, seriously. A kiss is like chocolate. Great chocolate. One taste is NEVER enough.

Unlike chocolate, though, you get the benefit of the sweetness withou the added inches to your hips. So, kisses win.

To keep up the romantic ambience for my last week of kissing scenes, I have a list of two (possible three) more guests. The mystery guest has told me she’ll answer the questions, but hasn’t sent them to me yet.  So…

You’ll just have to wait and find out what Wednesday holds 🙂 I will say it might have to do with Redeeming Love and Scarlet Threads and such. Hopefully – if not by Wednesday, by Friday.

For Monday, we have historical romance author Cathy Marie Hake. FANTASTIC author and wonderful lady.

Tuesday is swashbuckling genuis MaryLu Tyndal.

The rest of the week…well, there will STILL be kisses, but you’ll have to drop by to discover what kinds. I might even write up a few – which will in no way be as brilliant as my guests this month, but hey…we’re talking about kissing here. 🙂

Stop by next week for loads more fun.


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