Wisemen and Storytellers

by | Dec 27, 2009 | Fiction Book Reviews | 1 comment

I’ve always thought the story of the Wisemen in the Bible was an interesting one. Otherwise known as Magi, they were probably King’s counselors, astrologers, perhaps dabblers in a bit of occult…where we get the word magic.  They were Seekers, whatever else they were. Seekers of truth, knowledge, and in this story – they sought a King.

Now – how did they know where to find Jesus? God spoke to them in their own language, the stars.  He brought them to himself by capturing them in a story told through the sky, in a magical dance of stars and planets that they could read and understand.

God is the ultimate Storyteller, weaving his messages into sentences and words that we can understand. Throughout Scripture, God comes down to the level of his audience to help them understand His message for them. For the Magi, he spoke through the stars, for the fisherman- he spoke of becoming ‘fishers of men’, for the average farmer – he told the parable of the seeds.

In the greatest story of love, God used a picture. He sent His Son to talk from human lips, touch with human hands, and tell the story of His love through His very life.  God spoke our language so that we could understand and find our way Home to Him. His illustrations were ‘out of this world’.

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