A Birth of Faith with Cheryl Wyatt

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Welcome back, Cheryl Wyatt, Love Inspired author of stories that touch the heart and welcome readers into a world of faithful soldier fighting for their hearts. There are quite a few ’sweep you off your feet’ moments in her books too…literally
Her Wings of Refuge series is 5 books and growing? Is that right, Cheryl?
To learn more about her books, visit www.cherylwyatt.com
Since the Christmas season is closing in fast, what a more wonderful way to celebrate the birth of Christ then by asking Inspirational authors to introduce us to their favorite ‘births of faith’ they’ve written.
Let’s get to the Christmas question:
Of all the novels you’ve written, do you have scene featuring someone’s ‘birth of faith’ (conversion, recommitment, etc) that you found particularly touching or fulfiling to write? why?
The only conversion story I’ve written was in my upcoming release, A Soldier’s Devotion, which should be in stores around Dec 26th-Jan 1 sometime and will remain on shelves for about a month. It can also be ordered online.
This book is part of the Wings of Refuge Series for Steeple Hill and is pararescue jumper (PJ) Vince’s story. All along he has been the bad boy of the team and so he was fun to bring into a relationship with Jesus and still keep his bad-boy appeal intact. Many readers wrote asking for his story and so I hope they enjoy his conversion. This book was fulfilling to write because all of his teammates have been praying for him for so long and it meant a lot to readers that their prayers were answered even though the characters aren’t real. They become very real to people. So I’m glad readers are invested in the series to the point of caring what happens to the characters.
Thanks, Cheryl… so with some of that Christmas money we get, we’ll have to purchase A Soldier’s Devotion to find out what happens to Vince. Suspense…I love it!!
Alright, here’s a sneak peek at next week’s lineup:
Monday – Mary “Extraordinary” Connealy
Tuesday – Sweet and Sassy Siri Mitchell
Wednesday – Missy “Southern-Sweet” Tippens
Thursday – Nancy “Historical Grit” Moser
Friday – Warm Your Heart Myra Johnson
God’s Word of Faith for Today:
Thessalonians 1:11
11With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith.”
We are not alone in this journey. God has given us other ’soldiers’ to fight alongside us, friends to encourage us, parents to comfort us, and teachers to guide us – other Christians. P.A.L.S, as I refer to them in another post at: http://pepperbasham.blogspot.com/
Just as Vince’s life is transformed by the grace of God through the prayers of those who love him, our lives are impacted and changed through the love and prayer of others. When Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist), she must have felt an overwhelming sense of assurance, as Elizabeth confirmed the words the angel had spoken to Mary.
Mary must have thought, “This is really happening. I’m not alone” which led to her lovely song we refer to as the Magnificat. Knowing we are not along – that most importantly we are held within a loving Father’s safe embrace, helps us rejoice like Mary, or the shepherds on the hillside. God has a plan – and He’s using us to fulfill it.


  1. Audra

    Hi Cheryl!
    I love what you said: “All along he has been the bad boy of the team and so he was fun to bring into a relationship with Jesus and still keep his bad-boy appeal intact.” This is so the truth. Just because Jesus lives in your heart does not mean you become a different person. Your heart and soul change, but hey, wouldn’t the world be BORING if all the Christians were…BORING??

    Love your books, Cheryl! Can’t wait to read A Soldier’s Devotion!!

    Great line up for next week, Pepper!

  2. pepperbasham

    Hi Audra,
    Are you RIGHT, or what!! Who wants boring?!? Besides, God likes variety – think about the disciples 😉

    Julie’s character, Collin, is a prime example – like Vince. His heart is changed, but he keeps his original charisma and (dare I write it) sex-appeal.

    Oh wait….I just had to look at the cover of hte book again. sigh. 😉


    • Audra

      You can ALWAYS write sex-appeal when referring to Julie’s books, LOL! and yes, her covers are worth taking a second look at : )

      • pepperbasham

        LOL Audra,
        So true! We’ll have to look for some rakish rogue for the covers of your books when they come out – sound good? 😉 Are you partial to the Hugh Jackman variety, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth kind of lady?

  3. Julie

    Hey Cheryl — girl, you had me at “bad boy” (actually, you had me at book 1!), and I cannot WAIT to read Vince’s story!!

    And my ears were ringing, but I thought it was tinnitis. Turns out it’s Pepper and Audra talking about me! 🙂 As long as it’s good, I’m good. 🙂


  4. Tina

    I am soooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to Vince’s story!!!

  5. Cheryl Wyatt

    Thanks everyone! Vince’s story was FUN to write.

    Hugs all! Thanks to Pepper for being a fabulous blog host.



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