A Birth of Faith with some of your favorite authors

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This time of year there are lots of distractions. Some of them wonderful and filled with lights, laughter, and a little bit of lunacy – other distractions aren’t as colorful. The frenzy, selfishness, a little bit of envy. In the middle of the chaos, it’s easy to lose sight of the foundation of this Season; the hallmark of our celebration. The true focus of Christmas. 


 And not just Him, but the amazing change His coming promised for the world. Hope.

 For a world gone mad, for people who are broken, for humanity that is mortally wounded, Jesus gives us a new promise that He will change us, He will heal our brokenness, and He will give life to our dead souls.

 The best characters in novels are people of change – who move from one place in the beginning of the novel to a different person by the end. As Christian authors, we have the added opportunity to show the greatest and most lasting change in our characters – the change God makes in bringing a dead spirit to life through His love and grace.

 For the next few weeks, authors will talk about their favorite scene which show this type of change. The ‘birth of faith’ in their characters lives to welcome in the season which celebrated the greatest birth in History.


Liz Curtis Higgs

Golden Keyes Parsons

Julie Lessman

Janet Dean

Cheryl Wyatt

Mary Connealy

Missy Tippens

Siri Mitchell

Nancy Moser

Myra Johnson

And more….


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