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The new Emma – ahhh, more Mr. Knightley

Well, I’m still desperately in love with Mr. Knightley, especially after watching BBCs newest version of Emma.

He’s always been my favorite Austen hero (Mr. Darcy comes in next), because of his goodness and transparency. Mr. Knightley isn’t a pretender – he’s exactly as he always is, and there is something very comforting about that. Plus, he has a sense of humor. And even though Johnny Lee Miller (2009 Mr. Knightly) isn’t as dashing as Jeremy Northan (1996, Mr. Knightley), the friendship between Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley is shown in a much clearer way in this newer version.

Not feeling the time constraints of a made-for-theaters movie, BBC took its’ time and showcased the full story of Emma’s blunders and finally self-realization. I plan to watch it again tomorrow night and purchase it with Christmas money 😉

Romola Garai, though not quite as ‘clever’ as Gwyneth Paltrow, does a fantastic job of giving Emma Woodhouse a more varied character, more three-dimensional, I thought.

And the ‘other’ romantic relationships are brought out in greater detail, as well…though, Mrs. Elton in the 1996 version is SO much more despicable than the newer and lovelier Mrs. Elton.

If you’re an Austen fan, or like period dramas, you’ll probably enjoy this clever retelling of Jane Austen’s classic, Emma.

4 thoughts on “The new Emma – ahhh, more Mr. Knightley”

  1. Thanks Maria,I completely agree with you. Jeremy Northam is still my favorite 'Knightley' but JLM's sincerity worked its' magic with me too.I can't wait to watch it again 🙂


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