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From biology researcher to chic-lit and suspense writer, Camy Tang’s tagline is unforgettable: Romance with a kick of wasabi. Her books blend humor, romance, and suspense along with a variety of characters. The wasabi portion of her tag refers to her Asian American characters who star in her books and spice up the story.

 Her blog offers helpful hints for writers as well as Story Sensei, an inexpensive critique service for writers.

To visit Camy’s website or blog visit these sites:



Now it’s time for some Q & A:

  1. Who is your favorite heroine & hero you’ve ever written?

    Venus and Drake from Single Sashimi. I liked those characters the best because Venus is strong and capable,and Drake is an alpha male without being a jerk. And I liked the
    chemistry they ended up having on the page

     2. What is the ‘behind the scenes story’ for the creation of that hero & heroine?

    Out of all the characters I’ve written so far, both published and
    unpublished, Venus and Drake are the strongest with the strongest chemistry between them on the page. I didn’t plan for that to happen,
    it just did. It all started with the first kiss–and those of you who have read the book know what I’m referring to. I actually hadn’t planned on that kiss happening at that moment, but when I wrote the scene, suddenly, Drake had grabbed her and I felt like I had no control over the book! From there, their interactions always had that
    spark of both conflict and attraction, and it was magical.

 Their characters solidified as the book went on.

To read a review of Sushi For One go here: http://blogcritics.org/books/article/book-review-sushi-for-one-by/

 Character Creation Tip of the Day:

Spice, Sizzle, and Chemistry. One of the best ways to sparkle up the scenes in your story is to make sure your two lead characters have a special connection, or attraction. If it means you place two opposites together to ignite a spark, or cause people with two different goals to crash wills, it makes for an explosive story. 

Next Week:

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  1. pepperbasham

    Wonderful to have you here. I loved Sushi for One and can’t wait to read more. Blessings to your work with youth. What a great opportunity. And thanks for being such an encouragement through Seekers.


  2. Tina

    Single Sashimi is my favorite too.

    Great post and I can’t wait for your next series from Z.


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