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The Swiss Courier

What happens when your allegiance to the truth might cost your life?

Gabi Mueller isn’t only good at being a code transcriptionist, but she has a special talent for cracking safes as well. Hired to assist the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Switzerland during WWII, Gabi is only partially aware of the dangerous course she’s begun for her life. War blurs the line between who to believe and who will betray, so she must rely on the only truth: her faith.

Jean-Pierre is an undercover agent hired to protect Gabi Mueller and investigate a possible traitor among the OSS. Stealth and skill are not his only weapons of defense, his faith and honor keep him alive and help him to protect the innocent.

When Gabi is asked to sneak into Germany, defenseless, to safely ‘courier’ a German scientist to Switzerland, her world collides with the ruthless Gestapo and Bruno Kassler. Can Jean-Pierre protect her from those who will stop at nothing to collect the scientist and his secrets for the construction of the atomic bomb? Will Jean-Pierre lose the woman he loves before he has a chance to tell her?
From the first page to the last, get ready for a nonstop journey into the dangerous and devious realm of WWII espionage. Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey make a marvelous team to spin-off the excitement and intensity of this novel.

Despite the lovely story-line between Gabi and…er…the man she loves (if I say more, I’ll spoil the wonderful twists and turns) and the thrilling narrative of her involvement in OSS, the scene which impacted me most is the one where the Christian prisoner is shot.

Also memorable, is the risk people like Gabi, Jean-Pierre, and so many others took because of the truth. They offered their safety, their lives, for strangers. One excellent moral to remember throughout this book is that loyalty, faith, and love cross over barriers and risks to make amazing things possible.

The bad guys are horribly bad, the good guys are daringly good, and the truth prevails. My kind of story.

Thank you for all those people, past and present, who risked their lives for my freedom and the truth.

Available October 2009 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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